winter holiday simmer mix


Christmas music is playing in the background, the tree is glowing with holiday spirit and your guests will be arriving soon.  There’s only one thing missing in this picture-perfect scenario…  The aromas of Christmas wafting through the house from a pot of  Winter Holiday Simmer Mix on the stove. 

This time of year it’s especially nice to add an extra touch of the holiday season when entertaining at home.

I’ve created a lovely mix with a combination of fresh evergreen boughs, dried orange slices, star anise and a few other wonderfully fragrant ingredients.  Together they make a wonderful aroma that naturally gives your home a fragrant holiday spirit the instant your guests walk through the door.

What a wonderful way to say “welcome” to your visitors!  Just click on the image of the recipe card later in this post to download your copy.

Of course I made sure you’ll be able to “gift” some packages too!  I created a set of stylish BUFFALO PLAID WINTER HOLIDAY SIMMER MIX HANG TAGS and gathered some fabulous holiday gift packaging ideas for you too.


winter holiday simmer mix



When it comes time to start collecting your evergreen boughs, you’ll want to choose varieties that will give off the most fragrance in your Winter Holiday Simmer Mix.

You’d be surprised at how many kinds of evergreens don’t have much of a smell at all, I know I was.  So here’s the top five types of Evergreen trees that smell the most like Christmas!


The Balsam Fir has the most fragrant smell of all evergreen varieties.  And that’s why they are especially coveted for family Christmas trees, with their short, flat and dark green needles.

DOUGLAS FIRfragrant evergreen tree varieties

An easy to find and very common evergreen, the Douglas Fir has a lovely pine aroma wafting from its branches. Their soft and flat needles stay fresh a bit longer than the Balsam Fir, which make it a great choice for your simmer mix.


Scotch Pines are known for their superior needle retention and will hold up wonderfully in your Winter Holiday Simmer Mix packages.  The true pine scent of the Scotch Pine is a great addition to the other simmer ingredients.


Dark green and silvery needles are the characteristics of this fabulous fir tree that gives off a wonderful smell too.  Their especially known for hanging onto their needles for extended periods.


Although this tree is not true green, it’s beautiful blue coloring helps give it its distinctive aroma.  A great smelling tree, the Colorado Blue Spruce can hang on to its needles and stay fresh for weeks.


If you can’t get any fresh evergreen boughs where you’re located, just head to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, and you’ll find a variety of fresh bunches of evergreen for sale.  Most are cut from trees growing in the Pacific Northwest and shipped to your nearby store.



In order to include fresh evergreen boughs in your Winter Holiday Simmer Mix, they first need a little TLC.  In order to keep your greenery as fresh as possible, each piece of evergreen will need a little preparation.


Tall container with several inches of warm water in bottombalsam fir evergreen bundle

Small Block of Paraffin

Metal pot (double boiler is best /spoon/heat source)



  • Spread newspaper on your work surface;
  • Break down large boughs into 8″ pieces with at least 1 1/2″ of stem attached
  • Trim each bough’s stem by 1/2 inch and immediately plunge into the water inside the tall container, making sure all ends are submerged; 
  • Place a medium pot with two inches of water over low heat; place a smaller pot inside and melt enough paraffin to cover the bottom 1/2 inch deep;
  • After 10 minutes of soaking time, remove cuttings from water and place on newspaper to let the excess moisture wick away;
  • Dunk each cutting’s cut end into the melted wax to cover one inch of the stem;
  • Let boughs sit for 10 minutes to set wax;
  • Use in recipe for Winter Holiday Simmer Mix or other decorative holiday projects.



winter holiday simmer mix recipe card

Here’s all the ingredients and instructions for making as many batches of my Winter Holiday Simmer Mix as you need.  When ordering your components, just multiply the amount of packages of your simmer mix you want to make to figure out the quantities needed.

I’ve gathered together a Resource Section below to help you order all the items you’ll need to make you own pretty plaid packages of your Christmasy scented simmer mix.


components in winter holiday simmer mix and packaging


This holiday season I’ve been absolutely enamored with the red and black buffalo plaid trend! 

Not only did I do this gift idea in plaid, but I also used it for my CHRISTMAS SPICE CRANBERRY CORDIAL HANG TAGS & an entire BUFFALO PLAID CHRISTMAS PORCH!  Click on these links to see exactly what I’m talking about.  I went a little PLAID CRAZY!

Below you’ll find all the ingredients for your Winter Holiday Simmer Mix and some packaging ideas for gifting too. 



It’s not too late to pull together a fabulous DIY Gift for your friends and family!   And make sure to keep a few batches for your holiday celebrations too!  Although, you might get a similar response, read on…


winter holiday simmer mix in pot of boiling water


Here’s a batch simmering away on my stovetop, eliciting my husband to ask, “what yummy thing are you baking now?”  I replied, “nothing, I’m making our house smell like Christmas”.

He decided he’d rather smell cookies instead, at least he gets to eat them.  MEN!


winter holiday simmer mix



winter holiday simmer mix recipe card


This recipe is such a festive way to make your house smell like Christmas! 

And what a simple and fast gift idea for your co-workers, neighbors, friends and family.  A few clicks and the ingredients are at your doorstep!


Click the image of the Winter Holiday Simmer Mix Recipe Card to download your copy. 

Don’t forget to get your copy of the Custom-Designed Hang Tags PDF too!  I’ll tell you how to get them at the end of this post.





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