Your Personal Decorating Style is a fluid concept, at best.  I know that very few people land squarely in just one category.  That’s where my Personal Decorating Style Profile Quiz comes in handy!

personal decorating style


So, what’s your Personal Decorating Style?  I’ll bet you’ve already got a pretty good idea of what you like.  But the real questions is, do you know how to express yourself through your home’s furnishings and decor?  Does your Personal Decorating Style get a little muddled and confusing as you go along?

I myself can end up with a different result to my Personal Decorating Style Profile Quiz, depending on the season!  If it’s Mid-March, I might be mooning over the crisp primary colors of a Summer nautical décor.  Or in Fall, I could be dreaming of fur throws tossed over an ottoman in front of the fire. 

And that my friends is why it’s important to leap into this process with a sense of discovery. Take a journey that ends with you much more self-aware of your own Personal Decorating Style.  Or styles…



personal decorating style profile quiz

A.  Pick the set of descriptive words which most closely identify with your lifestyle and personality:

  1. Easy-Going, Comfortable, Casual, Uncomplicated, Approachable
  2. Bold, Daring, Outspoken, Bright, Confident
  3. Contemporary, Monochrome, Trendsetting, Statement-Making, Sleek
  4. Eclectic, Unorthodox, Innovative, Unique, Quirky
  5. Girly-Girl, Feminine, Pretty, Graceful, Quiet
  6. Ageless, Sophisticated, Refined, Worldly, Polished


B.  Choose the room that you’d most like to have in your home:


C.  Pick the sentence that you can personally most relate to:

  1. I’m a down-to-earth gal that values comfort above all, in both my clothing and surroundings.
  2. A confident woman who likes to stand out in the crowd, and my home reflects my love of color and excitement!
  3. I’m a girl that loves her accessories and knows exactly how to use them to their best advantage.
  4. A free-spirit and I express myself in my own personal way, with my own personal vision.
  5. I’m a kind, supportive and sensitive gal that loves all the girly-girly things in life!
  6. A pulled-together woman with a classical style that is both timeless and sophisticated.



Add up your number scores and check out the Personal Decorating Style Profiles below to see what category you’re in. 

personal decorating style profile

As I mentioned earlier, you might be in more than one category, but you’ll probably have a dominant number that you chose.  These descriptions of the different Personal Decorating Style Profiles below will give you a starting point to better understand your personal decorating style.



example of casual personal decorating style

Comfort is an important concept in your life!  Your easygoing personality relates best to simple lines, uncomplicated designs and natural fabrics.  Nature is something you like to incorporate into your spaces, through live plants, furnishings and accent pieces. You want your home’s “vibe” to be relaxed, comfortable and welcoming.



example of dramatic style of decorating

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE! You love bright, bold, statement-making clothes, and that translates into a home that’s not shy about color, furniture design or fabric choices.  You’re a sucker for shine and glitz, and it shows in your accent pieces. Rooms decorated in this style are a source of energy in the home, giving it a vibe that’s exciting, cutting-edge and even a bit playful.



example of modern living room design

Stylish monochrome and tonal looks are your preference, both in your wardrobe and home décor. But, it’s anything but boring when your talent for accessorizing kicks in! You’ll gladly spend part of your design budget on a large dramatic planter or painting.  With the perfect accessories, your sleek, modern furnishings evoke a vibe of “high-style” and sophistication.



example of artistic living room design

You are your own person, trends and traditions aren’t really on your radar. Your interests, hobbies and lifestyle come together in a home that reflects your personality through the unique and interesting items you bring into it. Above all else, you value individuality, and decorate your spaces with furnishings and accents that reflect that kind of aesthetic and vibe.



example of romantic style of bedroom decor

You love to be surrounded by belongings and furnishings that stimulate all five senses with soft color palettes expressed in refined florals, silks and satins.  A romantic at heart, you are drawn to feminine detailing like bows, ruffles, lace and even more traditional styled pleats.  Soft, flowing draperies and upholstered or vintage furnishings are what you prefer, allowing a few well-chosen pieces to provide the romantic ambiance you love.



example of traditional style of living room decor

You know quality when you see it, preferring to invest in timeless high-quality styles rather than following trends.  Tending to dress in classic clothing that you know is always in style, you’re drawn to understated, refined and polished looks in home décor too.  Matching or coordinated pieces are your preference, as you love symmetry in design and in life!



And my lovely, you can have more than one!  There are several different specific design styles that fall under each of the major categories.  In fact, a few of the styles actually are in more than one category.


  • Coastal
  • Cottage
  • French Country
  • Rustic


coastal personal style profile


  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Minimalist


personal decorating style profile


  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Scandinavian


mid-century modern style


  • Boho/Chic
  • Eclectic


boho chic personal style


  • Cottage
  • French Country
  • Vintage


french country design style


  • French Country
  • Colonial
  • Tuscan
  • Coastal


personal decorating style profile



If you’re anything like me, you’ve already identified a number of sub-categories that tickle your fancy.  But how do you take this information and run with it when decorating your home?

First off, you’ll want to continue to explore your own Personal Decorating Style in more depth.  Next, you probably would like some valuable resources to help you all along the way.  

And that’s why I’m going to hold your hand and give you encouragement from start (or middle) to finish.  But when I say “finish”, it’s just a word…  A home’s décor is an evolving process.

Let’s face it, do you still like the same things now as you did a dozen years ago?  Or has your locale changed, and all your heavy pieces just won’t work in a coastal home on the beach?

In other words, “finished” should be thought of as just a temporary state when it comes to implementing your own Personal Decorating Style.  I’m a sucker for handcrafted artwork from the countries we visit, so my home will never be finished!


PERSONAL DECORATING STYLE – Here’s What You’ll Need First!

Congratulations, you’ve begun the discovery process of your own Personal Decorating Style Profile!  So now I want todecorating style categories printable give you the first tool in the Lifestyle Diva Personal Decorating Style Toolbox.

It’s my DECORATING STYLE CATEGORIES Reference Guide that explains each of the 12 Sub-Categories in detail with pictures of each.

Keep it handy to help you decide what direction your Personal Decorating Style should go.

I hole-punched my copy so it can be kept in my “home decorating” binder.  It’s filled with pocket pages stuffed with fabric swatches, paint chips and magazine pages.   My home decorating tools and inspirational samples have a place to “live”, all in one handy place!



No worries, there’s a PART TWO and THREE coming to whisk you along your Personal Decorating Style journey!

Yes, they too will contain all the information you’ll need to continue the process of uncovering your true Personal Decorating Style.

Here’s what I’ll cover in the next two articles:

  • How to identify your Personal Decorating Style COLOR COLLECTION

I’ll walk you through the process of how to choose your personal home decorating Color Collection.  Then you’ll find out how to use your Color Collection and make it work fabulously throughout your entire home. 

  • My COLOR CONTINUITY METHOD – And How to Work the System

The Color Continuity Method teaches you how to pull your “core colors” into each room, hallway and area of your home.  No, it won’t be boring either!  You’ll learn the secrets the professionals use to end up with a fabulously decorated and coordinated house. 

And yes, both articles will have a corresponding LIFESTYLE DIVA DECORATOR’S TOOL BOX Printable to keep in your own decorating binder. 

I’m so thrilled that you want to start your own journey to find your Personal Decorating Style Profile!  You and I will do this together, one step at a time…


Want to get started with an “in depth” exploration of your Personal Decorating Style?

Then you’ll want your own DECORATING STYLE CATEGORIES Reference Guide! 

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