Weeknight meals need to be fast and simple, but does that have to mean dull too? No Way!

That’s where my brand new Weekday Gourmand’s Meal Planner comes into play!  It’s World Tour Week this time, with 15 fabulous recipes from all over the world!

world tour week weekday gourmand's meal planner


Meal planning can make your weeknights less stressful and more delicious, and that’s a simple fact! But why eat tacos one night, and taco soup the next?  I created the Weekday Gourmand’s Meal Planner to let us eat fabulous meals each and every night of the week!  And…

You’ll use up all your ingredients and leftovers too!  Yes, you’ll have leftovers. But just start thinking of them as the “ingredients” for another delicious dinner later in the week.  In fact, if you don’t make enough of certain “repeater” items, like cooked barley, you won’t be having Beef Bourguignon Barley Soup on Saturday night!

As you can see above, the World Tour Week’s menus are a fabulous combination of delicious dishes from around the world!



weekday gourmand's meal plannerWhat does the phrase “meal planning” conjure up for you?  Do you see yourself with stacks of cookbooks and recipes printed from the internet strewn across your kitchen table?

Or maybe, you’ve got your recipes all stored digitally and can flip through them to see what you want to eat next week… but you never can decide which ones to pick.

For years I looked at meal planning like this:  Gather up some recipes, make a grocery list and have those ingredients on hand for the week’s meals.  Problem was, I ended up with lots of leftovers, and no plans on how to use them before they spoiled. 

And that’s not even taking into account the unused ingredients.  They get pushed to the back of the refrigerator and weekday gourmand's meal planner systemnever get used up!  Not exactly a great “plan”, is it?



Yes, you can always throw your leftovers in the freezer, but if there isn’t enough for another meal, why bother?  That’s just a great way to amass a whole bunch of little bits and pieces.

And who are we kidding, they’ll never end up in a casserole or soup, will they?

I have in the past had leftover nights when everything is heated up and laid out in a kind of “hodge-podge” buffet.  No one was too thrilled to be eating slightly overcooked or dried out foods from being reheated.

I really didn’t find any of those alternatives attractive, let alone tasty!  Hence going about creating my own personal method of meal planning, the Weekday Gourmand’s Meal Planner.




meal planning with containers of food in refrigerator

This is NOT how your refrigerator will look after finishing your Shopping Day Prep List before your World Tour Week.  You will, however, have a stockpile of fabulous “prepped” ingredients and a lovely homemade Salted Caramel Sauce in the frig!

I’m not going to show you how to make numerous little containers filled with the same meal combination. Nor will you see any “freezer” meals to stock away for future use.  That isn’t what I’m trying to accomplish with this particular meal planning system. 

Sure, I’ve used these systems plenty of times, and they’re great, but I used them with specific results in mind.  They were just what I needed for the end result – yummy meals at work and fast family meals on Boy Scout nights.  Except that’s not what I was looking for this time around.



weekday gourmand's meal plannerI’m thrilled to introduce you to a new series I’ll be featuring here at Ingredients For A Fabulous Life.  The Weekday Gourmand’s Meal Planner features 7 days of gourmet dinner menus, not just one recipe per day.

Periodically I’ll add a new week of fresh and creative gourmet menus and recipes for you to try at home.  I think you’ll love the “Weekday Gourmand” meal planning concept I’ve come up with for you.

Not only do you eat fabulous meals every night, my meal plans are created to use up all your ingredients too!  Yes, you’ll need some pancetta for WEEKNIGHT BEEF BOURGUIGNON and HARICOTS VERTS WITH SHALLOT- PANCETTA BUTTER on Thursday. 

But you’ll use up the rest making CRISPY PANCETTA RICE CAKES WITH TOMATO BASIL RELISH the very next day.  It’s just that simple!



Check out the entire Weekday Gourmand’s Meal Planner “WORLD TOUR WEEK” menus:   (as pictured at the beginning of this post)


panfried chinese bbq pork dumplings being assembled 


So, now you’ve got an arsenal filled with 15 fabulous weeknight gourmet recipes.  That’s great, but how do you work the “meal plan” itself?


weekday gourmand's meal planner


My printable Weekday Gourmand’s 9 Page Meal Planner will help you easily execute the whole week’s meal plan.  Here’s what it contains, and how it will help you have a stress-free week of gourmet meals.  I’ve done all the thinking, planning and calculating for the whole week’s menus, so you won’t have to.  

  • “World Tour Week” Menu with Reused Ingredient Notations
  • Grocery Shopping Checklist with quantities noted
  • Post-Grocery Shopping Meal Prep Tasks to keep weeknights simple
  • Daily Meal Prep List
  • “Next Day’s Meal” Tasks to give you a head start on tomorrow’s dinner
  • Meal Planner Worksheet for you to make notes and help plan your week
  • Custom “Weekday Gourmand” 5″ x 7″ blank recipe cards because I love my readers!



sharp carving knife being used by womanNo self-respecting off-premise caterer would dream of doing a function without first completing an “event planner” for the gathering.  It usually meant the difference between just a nice party and a fabulous one!

We needed client and party specifics too, but the “guts” of the planner remains the same as I used professionally for years.

Though I did rework them for home use and made them into this stylish Weekday Gourmand Meal Planner. 

As you can see in the graphic above, it’s got a menu worksheet, grocery list, shopping day pre-week prep list and daily meal preparation instructions.  You’ll even have “next day’s meal prep” prompts to have your marinating or dough-rising done overnight. 

Each recipe post will contain the information on how to work with the recipe if you’re doing the entire week’s menus. I’ll also give you some tips on how to best store leftover rice and how to fold a wicked Chinese dumpling!

That’s the Weekday Gourmand’s Meal Planner way of eating fabulous gourmet meals every night of the week!

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