Making Wax Sachets for Gifts is a ton of fun and they’re totally customizable to your favorite fragrances and flowers!

fancy decorated wax sachets for gifts

WAX SACHETS FOR GIFTS – Mother’s Day Luncheon Guest Favors

After much deliberation, it was decided.  I would finally make the time to create some Wax Sachets for Gifts that I’d been dreaming about. 

This year I wanted to host a French-themed Mother’s Day Luncheon to celebrate the holiday in style.  After settling on a fabulous menu from cocktails to desserts, I knew I needed a really special Guest Party Favor.  (the entire menu and recipes will be in an upcoming post, so be on the look out!)

I had been dabbling with the idea of giving my guests a lovely botanical-laced wax sachet.  But how could they also become a part of my Mother’s Day Luncheon tablescape?

I think I came up with some really creative and beautiful options as you can see in the image above.  What do you think, did they come out special enough for a Mother’s Day party favor?  I surely think they did!


WAX SACHETS FOR GIFTS – Printable PDF Instructions

Making all kinds of beautiful and fragrant wax sachets for gifts is really easy, but you need to follow some simple tips.  That’s why I’ve created these handy printable instructions to have next to you while making your customized wax sachets.

how to make wax sachets for gifts

I’ll tell you a little later how to get your copy of my Wax Sachet Instructions PDF to use as a reference tool.  I actually laminated mine to keep in my crafts file.  (I spilled melted wax on my first copy!)


SUPPLIES FOR MAKING WAX SACHETSsupplies for making wax sachets for gifts

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Tall tin can or metal melting pot (I got mine on Amazon)
  • Silicone molds with hole posts (round, rectangle, square, oblong)
  • Silicone fondant flower molds
  • Long handled wooden spoon
  • Assorted essential oil fragrances of your choice
  • Mica Powder Colors
  • Dried flowers & botanticals, dried herbs, dehydrated citrus slices, pressed flowers & greenery
  • Twine, Ribbon or String
  • Long Nail (if your molds don’t have hole posts)
  • Ingredients For A Fabulous Life Printable Card Backs & Hang Tags



  • Pour the wax flakes into the can/pot. Place it in the center of a small saucepan and pour 3-4 inches of water in the saucepan.
  • Place the pan over medium heat and bring to a simmer.
  • Stir occasionally until the wax is completely melted.
  • Once the wax has melted, add your ESSENTIAL OIL(S) and MICA POWDER COLORS and stir to combine.


wax sachets for gifts


  • When the wax has cooled completely, carefully peel the mold from each sachet. Thread a length of twine, ribbon or string through the hole in each sachet.
  • If your mold doesn’t have a hole at the top of the sachet, take a long metal nail and carefully heat it for a few seconds over an open flame. Push the heated nail through the BACK of the sachet, to form a hole. Smooth over any wax sticking up on the front side while it’s still softened from the nail.



fancy decorated wax sachets for gifts

Simply sprinkling some lavender buds or rose petals into your molds will produce a lovely set of wax sachets for gifts.  Especially when you choose a complimentary fragrance to lightly scent lingerie drawers or closets.

And yes, all these fabulous backer cards and hang tags are in the IFAFL Subscriber’s Resource Library! They’re ready to be downloaded and used to make fabulous gifts for friends and family.  I’ll tell you all about the printables and how to embellish them with pretty assorted papers, ribbons and such. 

Want to get a little more fancy?  Here’s a few techniques to try while you’re inspired making your wax sachets for gifts.



wax medallion decorated wax sachets


  • USE SPECIALTY SILICONE FONDANT MOLDS to form miniature flowers, leaves and botanicals with colored melted wax  (you can add some botanicals into the melted wax before pouring into molds)
  • Fill silicone sachet molds with melted wax and let cool for 30 minutes. Unmold and then create a pleasing arrangement on the surface with your molded flowers and leaves. Use a drop of melted wax to “glue” decorative pieces to the surface.  



citrus slice wax sachets for gifts


  • Arrange dehydrated citrus slices on the bottom of silicone molds.
  • Gently pour just enough wax in mold to cover the slices. Using a pair of tweezers or a toothpick, lightly press down the citrus slices as they float up. Fill the remainder of the molds with wax.



wax sachets for gifts


Shadow Floral Method –

  • Arrange pressed flowers and leaves on the bottom of silicone molds.
  • Gently pour just enough wax in mold to cover flowers. Using a pair of tweezers or a toothpick, lightly press flowers and leaves down as they float up.  Fill mold with wax.


wax sachets with pressed floral decorations

Pressed Flower Art Method –

  • Fill mold with melted wax. Wait one minute and then begin to arrange flowers and greenery into an artistic image on surface of wax.
  • Gently push into surface and take care not to let any melted wax seep on top of flowers.



wax sachet fragrance suggestions


It’s lots of fun to mix and match essential oils to make your own custom scents.  Just write down the name of the fragrance on your hang tags or backers cards and they’re ready to gift!  


WAX SACHETS FOR GIFTS – Download The PDF For Fabulous Gifts in Minutes!

wax sachet cards and hang tag pdf cover

So now I’m sitting at my dining room table with all my adorable backer cards and hang tags before me.

I printed all of the backer cards and hang tags on white cardstock paper.  They need the thicker paper to be used for this purpose.

I couldn’t just have them sitting on my lace tablecloth, right?  So I decided they needed some incredible packaging that would enhance the tablescape too!   


wax sachets for gifts


Get creative using all kinds of papers, which can include some of this super-cool corregated colored papers. 

I simply cut a sheet an inch larger, glued on the floral sheet and punched a hole through the layers for my ribbon. Don’t let it get too complicated, invest in a crafting-quality paper cutter to make your life easy!


wax sachets for mother's day gifts


Here I used some stiff cardboard from inside my ream of paper to make the “sachet trio” card sturdier.  Once you attach the three sachets, it needs the extra support for the weight.   

Again, after gluing them together, I punched the holes through both layers to thread my twine through.  

This decorative backer is made for 3 smaller-sized wax sachets, just a few inches in length or width.  These little cuties were made in the pink silicone molds pictured above in the supplies section of this post.


wax sachet printable packaging and hang tags


For these botanical wax sachets, I placed them into tulle pouches and used a hang tag on the sachet.  I scored a package of 50 pieces for $9.99 on Amazon, so I’ll have them for lots of cool projects and gifts too!

One has the tag attached to the sachet inside the pouch, and the other uses the hang tag on the outside.  The choice is yours!

wax sachets for mother's day giftsUse your imagination and find some really pretty scrapbooking papers, metallic sheets, or even decorative vellum or acetate.

The choices at the craft store is astounding!  

Personally, I just shuffled through my stash of deco-papers to find what I could use.  It pays to keep your leftover crafting supplies!  Most used only a portion of an already cut sheet!

Try layering different textures or tearing the edges for a  totally different look.  I love handmade papers that have texture or botanicals inside.  The possibilities are endless.

And don’t even get me started on twines, ribbons and strings to tie them on with!  There too you have a multitude of choices to give you the exact vibe you want for your wax sachets for gifts.  Elegant, boho chic, you get the picture!




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mother's day planner pdf


Here’s a sample of the planning pages, worksheets and printables contained in this comprehensive Mother’s Day Planner.

And how about a selection of PRINTABLES and PROJECTS to enhance this year’s Mother’s Daymother's day paper flower bouquet with your friends and family? 







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