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When it comes time to begin planning for Thanksgiving weekend, some gals start to get a little tense.  While others glide through the holiday with yummy hors d’oeuvres tucked in their freezers to serve at a moment’s notice.  What’s the real difference between the two? 

Having a plan of action and the tools you need to get you to the finish line. That’s where my 2021 Thanksgiving Holiday Planner comes into play.



When I hung up my apron and retired from professional catering a few years back, I finally got smart.

I decided to employ the same planning and organizational systems I used so successfully as an off-premise caterer, but at home.

Applying these systems to my holiday season planning process seemed a natural progression, including Everything Thanksgiving too!

After a few seasons of fine tuning, I’ve come up with a fabulous comprehensive version that’s not too cumbersome to use.  Everything you need is packed into my 8-Page Thanksgiving Holiday Planner PDF.

Let’s check out exactly what it contains.




2021 Thanksgiving Holiday Planner PDF pages

It’s my standard practice when organizing a catered affair, to have a menu planner, prep schedule, prep list and grocery list.

But, I’ve also added a few more planning tools to keep you organized and at the top of your holiday hostess game!

  • November Holiday Baking Prep Schedule Calendar
  • November Baking Grocery List
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Daily Prep Schedule Calendar
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Planner
  • Master Thanksgiving Grocery List
  • Day-Before Thanksgiving Prep Checklist
  • Thanksgiving Day Prep Checklist
  • Thanksgiving Master To-Do List


You’ll have everything you need to plan and celebrate a fabulous Thanksgiving with my 2021 Thanksgiving Holiday Planner.  Use the November Holiday Baking Prep Schedule to start making and freezing your Thanksgiving pies and cakes! 

From there it’s breeze if you use all the pages to plan and organize your Thanksgiving celebration.

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