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summer bulb planting guide and planner


If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to being greeted with a garden full of gorgeous blooms and plants this Summer.  And that’s exactly why it’s the perfect time to grab a copy of the The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s SUMMER BULB PLANTING PLANNER.  

Summer bulbs are little bundles of plant power tenderly planted as soon as the soil in our gardens warm sufficiently.  And, depending on your Planting Zone, that can be anytime between March and June.  Then the waiting game begins. 



summer bulb planting bed

You know those beautiful flowering bulbs peeking out of the ground in early spring? You know, like those pretty crocus and hyacinth in your entryway garden?  Those aren’t the kind of bulbs we’re talking about today.  Fall bulbs are planted from September-January and are happy in their cold environs until the early Spring arrives.

And I personally am grateful for the “pop” of color these beautiful blooms give when they break out of their winter slumber.  No, our subject is Summer bulbs that need lots of warm soil and bright Spring sunshine.



Bulbs to be planted in the Spring are generally tender perennials that won’t tolerate the winter.  Rather, they’re planted as annuals or they can be replanted in the Spring when the soil warms. Devoted gardeners will dig them up in the late fall to overwinter in storage before replanting the next Spring.

Most Summer bulbs will need to be planted in a well-drained location to prevent rotting and mold.  They like loamy or slightly sandy soil because it provides the drainage and nutrients they need.

Even though summer bulbs have food-stores inside, I recommend adding compost or manure to your garden beds.  If you want an amazing and abudantly blooming garden, it’s the true secret to success.   


summer bulb planting planner

The rule-of-thumb for planting bulbs is to dig a whole three times as deep as the bulb’s diameter. That means a three-inch wide bulb needs to be planted about nine inches deep. 

If you’re unsure about a specific bulb’s planting instructions, many times the grower’s packaging will give you the information you need.



north american usda hardiness map

Check out which Hardiness Zone you live in and find the month best for planting your Spring/Summer Bulbs.  Depending on your geographical location, you could be planting any time between Early-March and Mid-June.   

I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina at 4,500 feet above-sea-level, so the oldtimer’s rule of thumb up here is no planting before Mother’s Day.  Bummer!  But, the one thing that we CAN plant a bit earlier is our Summer bulbs. 

The best time to lay your Summer bulbs in the ground is as soon as your garden soil warms enough to be tilled and amended.   Depending where you live, that will be anytime between Early March and Mid-June here in most of the United States.summer bulb planting schedule

Once the soil has warmed to 60°F, that’s the best time to get your summer bulbs in the ground. They’ll be ready to go in the ground at the same time you plant your vegetable garden! 

Don’t dilly-dally, especially if you live in a warmer, Southern state, it’s time to start planning!

This particular graphic contains the recommended Summer bulb planting times for the zones contained in the United States.  

Above is the Hardiness Map for the entire Northern American continent for our Canadian gardening friends too.




When the proper Spring month arrives, we lovingly dig holes and bury the Summer bulbs in our garden beds.  They enjoy the warmth of the soil and sun while putting down roots and manufacturing the food they will use to feed the plants. 

Then the visible parts of the plants begin to grow by consuming the bulb’s nutrients.  They begin performing photosynthesis with the help of the lengthening sunlight hours.  It won’t be long before you’ll see spiky green fronds poking through the soil, a sure sign your garden will shortly be in full bloom!



summer bulbs dahlias

Flowering bulbs should to be planted in a spot that has plenty of sunlight and good drainage.

A good rule of thumb is that the area should receive at least 6 hours of sunshine per day.  

Summer bulbs like a slightly sandy/loamy soil.  It should provide plenty of drainage and some additional nutrients that the plants can utilize for optimum growth and flowering.  Don’t neglect amending your soil accordingly.

When we moved to this house, I found that the “garden” was really just a few plants with some soil placed around them.  The remaining “soil”  was almost all clay and rocks. 

I attempted to start removing the rocks on my own, but the task proved too daunting.  The gentleman and son that I hired ended up with almost a full pickup truck of my stones!  Not much was left…

The last two seasons I’ve bought a truckload of soil at the beginning of the growing season to help build up the garden. A few more loads should do it!  



summer bulb planting guide

  • Determine the proper depth for the type of bulb you’re planting. When set too deeply,  flowers will bloom lateor not at all. If planted too shallow, new growth may become exposed too soon and risk damage by cold temperatures. Not sure? A good rule of thumb is to plant the bulb 3 times the diameter of the bulb. 
  • Prepare the soil by loosening and mixing in organic material if needed for added nutrients or to improve drainage. Special bulb fertilizer can be added; follow the package directions.
  • Place the bulbs with the pointy-end up and with the roots down. If you’re not sure of the top or bottom of the bulb, plant it on its side and it will find its way to the surface.
  • Cover with soil and a light layer of mulch.
  • Newly planted bulbs should be watered well to get settled in.
  • If needed, protect bulbs from critters by staking down wire mesh or chicken wire over the beds or planting them in bulb baskets or wire cages.




TABOR TOOLS 3 Piece Bulb Planting Garden Tool Set – All you need to give your flower bulbs a3 piece flower bulb planting set of tools fabulous start!  The kit includes a bulb planter, dibber and transplanter.

  • TRANSPLANTER: This tool is ideal for transplanting small plants and flowers. The padded soft grip ergonomic handle provides exceptional grip and comfortable use. The gradation marks on the blade make it easy to measure depth for perfect transplants and the polished cast-aluminum head resists rust and won’t bend or break while digging.
  • DIBBER: The metal dibber has a sharp, pointy spike for puncturing the ground to make deep precise holes. It is made to last from strong metal, lacquered with Duroplast to prevent rusting.
  • BULB PLANTING TOOL: This is a great bulb planter with a spring-loaded handle ands an automatic soil release mechanism, which allows for quicker planting. The bulb planting tool includes depth marker for more consistent planting. Planter measures approximately 9″ tall with a 5″ wide handle and 2.5″ diameter base.



If you’re like me, I pour over gardening and home magazines looking for inspiration before making any holes in the ground. 

fall bulb planting planner

Houzz – David Morello Garden Enterprises, Inc.

Where, how many, and what varieties of Summer bulbs you use will dictate the “vibe” of your finished garden.  What kind of feel would you like your Summer Bulb garden to have? 

You can scatter bulbs under your trees for a relaxed “meadow” feel. Not much thought necessary.  But, if you want a more structured, or formal garden with borders, it will take some planning.

Be aware that some flowering and ornamental bulbs will naturalize in the area that you planted them and will multiply.  But, unlike Fall planted bulbs, Summer bulbs will need digging up and storing if you want them back next season. Otherwise, you can grow them as annuals and plan your garden with that in mind.

Here’s some tips on the best ways to plan your Summer Bulb Garden: summer bulb planting planner

  • Decide on a color “palette” for your garden; Repeating different shades of the same 3 colors will give you harmonious, yet varied flower beds.
  • When choosing your colors, think about how those colors will blend with the existing surroundings. 
  • Plant in clusters for greater visual impact.
  • Take into account bloom time — plant a combination of early, mid- and late-season bloomers to extend the season.
  • Hide dying foliage of low-growing bulbs that are past their prime with taller bulbs planted in front or with companion plants.
  • Layer plant heights from front to back when planting varieties that will bloom at the same time.


So, how are you going to plan your Summer Bulb Garden this year?   Would you like a little helping hand from your friend, The Lifestyle Diva?   I’ve got you covered!

Let me introduce The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s SUMMER BULB PLANTING PLANNER and show you exactly how to use it most effectively.



Start Creating Your Dream Summer Garden today! 

Don’t let the thought of planning your garden prevent you from having a fabulous display of flowering plants all Summer long.

summer bulb planting planner

I’ve created the perfect planning tool for you!  It’s got 14 pages of worksheets, diagrams, plot planners and monthly planting calendars to help you visualize and plant the Summer garden you’ve always wanted.

Here’s what’s inside the SUMMER BULB PLANTING PLANNER:

  • Summer Bulb Height Worksheets (2 pgs)
  • Summer Bulb Garden Budget
  • Bulb Purchase Log Sheet
  • Summer Bulb Planting Journal
  • Garden Planner Graph Worksheet (entire garden/property)
  • Summer Bulb Plot Planner (individual flower beds)
  • Sample Bulb Plot Planner Worksheet
  • March 2022 – June 2022 Planting Schedule Calendars (4 pgs)
  • Master Garden Bed To-Do List
  • Weekly Garden Bed To-Do List (8 weeks)


Most of the worksheets are self-explanatory, but I’ll point out a few of the great features in the Summer Bulb Planting Planner.



When I’m at the very beginning of the planning stage, I’ll look at the types of flowers I’d like to have in my gardensummer bulb planting planner and then fill in my  Summer Bulb Height Worksheets.

This tells me how tall each kind will grow, thereby helping me position them correctly throughout the garden.  Some might not really fit within your final plan and won’t make the cut.  That’s why you do this first!

Next I’ll start browsing catalogs and grower’s websites to determine what plants I want and how much they’ll cost.  I fill in my Summer Bulb Planting Planner Budget Sheet and then see where I need to cut costs if necessary.

Once that’s done, it’s time to decide where and how many of each plant/color to put into the various plots.  I use both the Summer Bulb Planner Journal and Plot Planner in tandem to work out the locations and quantities of my plants.  



BULB HEIGHT WORKSHEETS – A Freebie To Get You Started!

summer bulb height worksheetAn important part of the planning process is deciding what plants to pair together and what colors will look great in adjacent areas.   That can be tough to do if you don’t know the height of each type of bulb you’re considering for your Summer garden.  

Using the BULB HEIGHT WORKSHEETS will help give you the “big picture” for your garden plans. 

You’ll quickly see if you need to add some middle-height plantings to round out your garden’s individual beds or planting areas. Do you have enough low plantings for edging the beds?

The process of filling in your Bulb Height Worksheets will help you figure it all out, before you start buying your Summer bulbs.

The two worksheets range in plant heights from three inches to forty-eight inches. You’ll have no trouble entering all the various bulbs you want to have in your garden according to their heights.

Want to grab your free copy of the Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s Summer Bulb Height Worksheets?

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This is the time to figure out WHEN to plant all these gorgeous bulbs in your garden beds, NOT AFTER YOU PURCHASE THEM!  Use your Summer Bulb Planting Schedule Calendar pages to enter the dates that the various bulbs need to go in the ground. 

Once you’ve determined your planting Zone, you’ll know exactly the right timing for your planting sessions.  

I usually have too many bulbs to plant in a single day, so I’ll use the calendar to decide what days will work in my schedule. Of course, that’s up to Mother Nature to decide.  Rainy days and soggy ground do not make for great planting!



To the right you can see the Summer Bulb Plot Planner completed with the plans for a South Side Garden plot.summer bulb planting planner sample plot

  • First, take the rough measurements of your plant bed and make a sketch of its shape; draw it on your Plot Planner
  • Next, you’ll want to place any existing plantings into the diagram.  Here you can see there are several bushes and a tree just off-center.
  • Then fill in the key at the bottom with the types of plants you’ll be using for this particular plant bed as shown in the sample page.
  • Now, close you eyes and start envisioning the colors and flowers you’ve chosen.  Start filling in your plot planner, keeping in mind the tips that I mentioned a bit earlier.  Clustering and graduated height rows are both very effective landscaping techniques that will help give a more polished look to your garden.
  • Try coloring in the bulbs with the colors of the flowers to help you see the whole bed’s color scheme from an overhead viewpoint
  • When you’re finished, you’ll have a planting plan that will tell you exactly where to plant which flowers.  Now you can enlist some help, because your diagram will show them the way!



summer bulb planting planner coverNow you’re ready to start BUYING BULBS!  That’s where the Summer Bulb Planner Purchase Log comes in.  As you place your orders, fill in the log to keep track of what flowers you have coming and to stay within the budget. 

You’ll want to check your Purchase Log against the Plot Planner pages to make sure you’re ordering the correct plants and quantities.  What a snap this planner makes the whole process! 

If you want to wake up one Summer morning to a garden full of glorious blooms, you need to start planning today! 

Head over to The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe at ETSY to purchase your full SUMMER BULB PLANTING PLANNER today!     





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preparing your outdoor space for summer

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