Yet another fabulous component in my How to Stock the Ultimate Holiday Bar Cart – Part One and How to Stock the Ultimate Holiday Bar Cart –  Part Two series! 

If you want to serve an “over-the-top” Brandy Alexander, then baby, Simple Brandy Soaked Cherries are your cocktail garnish! 

I’ve also used these to make luscious and elegant desserts.  My current fave is Homemade Vanilla-Sweet Balsamic Swirl Ice Cream, Simple Brandy Soaked Cherries and Bittersweet Chocolate Chantilly Cream.  Remind me to give you that recipe!

brandy soaked cherriesQuick and easy, these Simple Brandy Soaked Cherries are much better than commercial Maraschino cherries.  I happen to put both on my ultimate holiday bar cart, but that’s just a matter of choice.  We have a friend who likes 3 Maraschino cherries in his Manhattans!  Maybe this year I’ll convert him!



For this recipe, I like to use fresh sour cherries, but you can certainly use sweet bing cherries if that’s what’s available.  You can also use jarred Morello cherries (Trader Joe’s) or any sweetened jarred variety. Just drain the liquid and use in the recipe as directed.

My cherry-pitter specialty tool is a favorite, it keeps recipes like this one quick and simple!  I bought my Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter by OXO at Amazon for $12.99.  It’s fab!

These wonderful little gems keep a long time in your refrigerator, but if you are a “canner” like me, you can give these an 8 minute processing and store them at room temperature like, forever!  If they last that long!

I actually just used up the last jar I canned labeled 2018 for the How to Stock the Ultimate Holiday Bar Cart photo shoot!  They were still a perfect cocktail garnish!



This recipe only uses 4 ingredients, so it’s super simple.  My recommendation is that you use a brandy alexanderlower-end brandy, as you really can’t tell the difference in the final product.  Don’t waste your money, unless you’ve got a bottle opened and want to use it up, go with a lower priced cognac.

BUT, if you’ll be purchasing one when stocking your own ultimate holiday bar cart, then go with one that is great for sipping!

My Simple Brandy Soaked Cherries recipe doesn’t use that much alcohol!  Remember, this is an “over-the-top” cocktail garnish.

The perfect way to use Simple Brandy Soaked Cherries is as a cocktail garnish in a Brandy Alexander. Your guests will love the creamy chilled concoction as a wonderful nightcap on a frosty winter evening.  A cocktail garnish of your fabulous homemade brandy soaked fruit is the “cherry-on-top” for a festive holiday beverage. 

Never tried a Brandy Alexander Cocktail before?  Here’s the recipe so you can include it in your Ultimate Holiday Bar Cart!



1 1/2 ounces brandy

1 ounce Dark Creme de Cacao

1 ounce half-and-half

Ground Nutmeg

3 Simple Brandy Soaked Cherries, drained

Sprig of Mint

INSTRUCTIONS:  Fill cocktail shaker with ice.  Add all ingredients, cover and shake well to combine and chill cocktail.  Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Sprinkle with ground nutmeg and carefully top with 3 cherries set off to one side of glass and a sprig of mint.


FUN AND FESTIVE PRINTABLE PDF – Simple Brandy Soaked Cherries Recipe

brandy soaked cherries recipe pdfI decided to create a fun and festive holiday printable PDF for this recipe, I hope you enjoy it!  


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