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I don’t do “cookie cutter” parties.  So why would I want to plan a “cookie cutter” romantic evening at home?

The answer is, I wouldn’t!  I’ve read tons of articles touting 25 Ideas for a Romantic Evening.  50+ Great Ways to Be Romantic. Or even 100 Romantic Gifts to Give Your Hubby.  Whew, they make me tired just reading the titles!

I can’t help but think like a Lifestyle Diva.  When I plan a party, my creativity and personal touches are what makes them truly special.  And that’s exactly how I want you to approach your romantic evening at home plans.



Everything about romance between a couple is incredibly “personal”.

We share private jokes and form mutual habits and preferences throughout our relationships.  We share memories from the time we’ve spent together.  A couple can even start to think alike and finish each other’s sentences.  (I know H.H. and I do!)

Don’t forget to incorporate some items that you’ve brought home from your honeymoon or your travels too!  They make remembering so much more special!

These are the things I want you to “tap into” when planning your romantic evening at home.

So let’s get started with some very personal plans for a romantic evening at home!



romantic evening at homeDimmed lights and favorite fragrances have the power to elicit a seriously romantic vibe.

So, it follows that using candles, especially scented ones, are a great way to start creating a romantic setting

Choosing candles of different heights in a single color or specific color palette (don’t choose more than 3 colors)  helps create a soothing atmosphere.

Too much color can be distracting and add “visual noise” to your setting.  Keep it simple and sexy!



If you’re going to all the trouble of making a fabulous romantic evening at home, how about creating a new snuggle spot?  In fact, why stay in just one place for your romantic evening at home?

  • Get cozy on the floor in front of the fire instead of using the couch;  perhaps a “fireside picnic”?
  • How about the cozy window seat space with the fabulous view of the city;  maybe cocktails and dancing to start?
  • What about your apartment balcony?  Can you recreate the feel of your favorite al fresco hangout for appetizers and cocktails? 
  • Does your backyard have a special tree that can become a sexy spot to create part of your romantic evening at home? I’m thinking a daybed setup with lots of pillows and a few candle-lit lanterns or string lights and your favorite tunes in the background.  (a couple sleeping bags spread out will work great too!)


The point is,  finding a new spot to get romantic can have a very positive effect on the entire evening’s mood.  Getting out of the same old patterns of daily life and sharing an intimate evening is what you’re trying to achieve. Right?

Look around your indoor and outdoor spaces and get creative! 


romantic evening at home


Do you have an incredibly sexy shared memory from your honeymoon? (that really cool beach shack, an orchid tucked behind your ear, his rakish grin as you tried to get the wet sand out of your bikini bottoms…)

How about that fabulous bistro you always haunt in your favorite getaway town?  (the one where he told you he loved you for the first time and then proposed at a year later?)

Or you can pull out some of the mementos from your relationship and arrange them in a meaningful way.  (all your love letters tucked inside a basket to read aloud to each other)

You get the idea.  Let your mind wander and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll come up with.  As far as the recreating goes?  Guys are a bit thick sometimes, so you might want to include a cute sign to give him a hint!  (“Aloha Beach”)



Get out the massage oils (Lagunamoon Aromatherapy Kit) and set yourself up for a sensual massage experience during your romantic romantic evening at homeevening at home.   Here’s some suggestions to set your spa mood:

  • Groups of scented candles or floating candles in a bowl of colored water
  • Two layers of sheets and double pillow cases to keep the oils for damaging pillows, mattress, etc.
  • Your crock pot set on low and filled with pre-moistened rolled washcloths (hot and sexy!)
  • Relaxing mood music from your ipod, etc.
  • Fresh flowers in a vase or flower petals tossed onto the massage area
  • A basket of fluffy freshly washed towels 
  • Pitcher of ice water and tumblers OR a pitcher of Amaretto Sours with an ice bucket and cocktail glasses!


pamper me pretty party

Don’t forget to give each other a scalp massage!  You’ll be amazed at how sensual a simple release of the tension in your scalp can really be.

I created a Scalp Massage printable for my Throw A “Pamper Me Pretty” Party – The Ultimate Spa Day!  post, and am including it here for your use.   Click the image to download your FREE copy.  

Now start the hunt for your MIA crock pot or borrow one from your BFF, it makes all the difference!



And I’m not talking about you!

Why not start your romantic evening at home with a little something he “finds” while you’re getting the appetizer?

Nothing big, you don’t want him to feel bad, do you?  Just something that can kick-start the romance, like a pair of sexy undies for him… or you!  Whichever scenario you’d think he’d prefer.   Would he enjoy a little “sexy fashion show”?



This is one of my favorite tips for a romantic evening at home. 

It never fails to delight and surprise H.H. whenever it’s part of my plans.  Here’s the scenario I set up to make a “quick-outfit-romantic evening at homechange” during the evening.

  • Decide what outfits (2-3) you want to wear throughout the evening (depending on your planned activities)
  • Strategically locate the outfits in the places that you’ll be able to slip away to change   (I’ve changed in the kitchen, bathroom and on the outside deck in the past)   NOTE:  We have absolutely NO neighbors!
  • Try to plan your outfit changes for when you’re normally leaving the room. Like when you go to the restroom or the kitchen to get the entree or dessert.


If this is something you’ve never tried before, you should consider making the effort.

Hiding a second (or even a third!) outfit to make a “quick-change” for the next stage of your romantic evening at home can really spice things up!

Don’t forget, they’ll probably get a little skimpier (thus easier to hide) as the evening progresses! 

romantic evening at home


Why not get a little “formal” and give your sweetheart a special invitation for a romantic evening at home for two?

I created a really cute invitation that you can download for free to let your significant other know when and where to be.   Be there, or they’ll miss out on the fabulous romantic evening at home you’ve cooked up!



romantic evening at homeOnce you’ve invited your sweetie for the special evening, what will you do?  Before that, silly!

I’ve created two FREE Romantic Evening at Home Printables  to help spice up your night and kick up the romance-factor.

The first is a Romantic Evening at Home 5 Reasons Why… Love List.  I formatted the list so you can “fill in the blank” with whatever phrase you’d like. 

Here’s a few suggestions to get you started:

  • I love you
  • You make me laugh
  • I think you’re so sexy
  • We were meant to be together
  • You make me happy
  • I think you’re so special
  • You’re the only one for me


The plan is for you to print out two copies, one for each of you to fill out.  It can get really mushy or sexy, it just depends on the phrase you choose!  It might even make you both a little teary-eyed too!


Show Your Honey a “Token” of your Love!

valentine's love tokensFor Valentine’s Day this year, I created some “LOVE TOKENS” as a No-$$$ gift idea.  So, I decided to do a version that you can use during your romantic evening at home too! 

There’s six different tokens for you to randomly choose for your partner to romantic evening at homefulfill.  There’s nothing kinky, so no worries there!

But, it will tell you who’s going to the kitchen to fill your glass with wine or serve dessert! Don’t worry, all the others are really romantic!

Just download all the FREE PDFs, print, cut out and you’re in business.  I’ll tell you how to get them at the bottom of this article. 


RECIPES FOR ROMANCE – A Romantic Evening at Home Needs Fabulous Food!

recipes for romanceIf you’re planning a romantic evening at home, you’re going to need some fabulous food too.

How will you choose a sensuous appetizer to kick off the evening?  What romantic entree will you serve your sweetheart?  Which dessert will sweeten your night to perfection?

If you’re one of our subscribers here at Ingredients For A Fabulous Life, then you know what I’m going to say.  I’VE GOT YOU COVERED KIDDOS!

I’ve pulled together a selection of terribly romantic and sexy recipes from appetizers to desserts for you to choose from. 

Each is simple and most are make-ahead recipes to help cut down your kitchen prep for your romantic evening at home. In the companion post called Recipes for Romance – A Romantic Evening at Home, you’ll find all these delicious recipe:


romantic evening at home


Just you and your sweetheart!  I’ve given you some “personally”  fabulous ideas to create a romantic evening at home that means something special to you both.

No “cookie cutter” romantic evening at home for you!  Yours will be filled with personal touches, love and plenty of creativity, making it especially romantic for you both.

Now go forth and create your own romantic night at home love nest and set yourself up for a spicy success!



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