This Set of 6 Personalized Note Cards will be the perfect gift for someone you want to feel special!  Get crafty, and have a ball playing a little “dress up”! 

personalized note cards project


This super-simple homemade gift idea is just like playing “dress up” with paper dolls!  I created my Personalized Note Cards Project to make it fun and easy to give a lovely gift from the heart.

paper doll kit imageDo you remember receiving a paper doll booklet, filled with clothing and accessories, to let you play “dress up”?  I usually had my mom help me remove the dolls so they weren’t torn in the process.  I can’t really describe myself as a patient child.

Since I grew up in wonderous awe of Doris Day and her fabulous movie wardrobes,  I was in dress-up heaven!

I had a blast hunting around for stylish hats that could be cut out and used to accessorize these 6 gorgeous ladies.  You’ll decide which gals will be in what colored frames and the chapeaus they’ll be wearing.

If you choose to make more than 6 personalized note cards in your sets, you won’t ever have to use the same hat twice!  There are 20 different hat styles to choose from.

I’ll tell you how to get your own copy of my Personalized Note Cards PDF at the end of this post.



I kept my Personalized Note Cards on the simple side, just adding a ribbon bow to a few, but jewelry making suppliesleaving the remainder plain.

But, if you want to add a little more “bling” to your gals, here’s some fabulous suggestions:

  • Use “seed beads” to add a pair of earrings
  • Place a row of tiny pearls to form a lovely necklace around their neck
  • Try some colored pencils to give your ladies some rouge and eyeshadow
  • Cut a strip of velvet craft paper to form a “neckline” of a dress 
  • Add some decorative elements like tiny feathers to your hats



personalized note cardsThe Personalized Note Cards Project PDF has all the physical components you’ll need to make your project, except for the note cards themselves and white card stock.

You’ll want to choose a heavy stock paper, decorative paper or you can use pre-make cards in a 6″ x 4″ size if you’d rather.

I chose some fabulous homemade paper that’s embedded with floral botanicals that would give some texture to my personalized note cards.

You can see how lovely the rough edges of this kind of textured paper can be.  I just happened to have some in my stash, but you can find sets with various colors on Amazon or at your local craft store.

Equipment & Supplies:

  • White Card Stock (for printing out the PDF pages)
  • Paper Cutter for crisp edged frames and headshots
  • Sharp scissors for detail cutting  (hats)
  • Craft glue/Glue stick
  • Crafting Mat
  • Marker/Calligraphy Pen
  • Embellishments as desired (seed beads, ribbons, buttons, pearls, etc.)



personalized note cards

I decided I wanted to do three different colors of cards, 2 of each shade.  You can do 6 different colored cards, or even all the same if you want.  It’s completely up to you how you want your finished set of personalized note cards to look.

  • Cut your note card paper to 8″ x 6″ size; fold in half to form your cards
  • Cut out 6 “picture frames” and set aside
  • Using a paper cutter, cut the headshots out, just INSIDE THE GREY LINES (they should be 3″ x 3″)
  • With a pair of sharp scissors, cut out the hats you want your gals to wear


personalized note cards


Choose which frames, headshots and hats will go on each of your cards.  I made sure that you’ll find coordinating colored hats to go with the frame colors.  


personalized note cards


  • Paste one headshot onto each frame; choose a hat, give it a “jaunty” tilt, and glue onto headshot
  • Glue each frame onto your folded card forms, centering them on the front side
  • Adorn and “dress up” your gals as you desire with jewelry, make-up, etc.


personalized note cards

If you’re a talented calligrapher, or are skilled in lettering, you’ll do a much nicer job than I did!

I love the way these are personalized so that the recipient has a lovely set of note cards to use and remember you by.



You can package your Set of 6 Personalized Note Cards simply by tying them into a stack with a personalized note cardswide satin ribbon! 

Or, here’s a few more suggestions to give your homemade gift a little more festive:

  • Tuck a sprig of rosemary or lavender into the tied-ribbon
  • Hang a pastel holiday ornament from a bow
  • Place into a shallow box wrapped in raffia ribbons
  • Place into a white paper lunch bag, hole punched on top and decked out with curling ribbon




PERFECTLY PAMPERED PRESENTS – 8 Fabulous DIY “Pampering” Gifts

Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday or Mother’s Day, these Perfectly Pampered Presents make glamorous and thoughtful gifts.

perfectly pampered presents

Here’s all the simple and fun beauty recipes/project in this “Perfectly Pampered Presents” Bundle:


Wow!  Which one of your friends or family members wouldn’t love to receive a specially-made package filled with these fabulous DIY beauty recipes? 

They all take just a few minutes to make, and how much embellishing you do on the packaging is entirely up to you.

Feel free to choose exactly which recipes you’ll be giving, and just make those.  Or, if you’re feeling especially inspired, gift all 8 Perfectly Pampered Presents!

I’ve created special matching hang tags for all 8 items, and even designed some label stickers to help make your gifts extra special!

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personalized note cards project

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