My PERFECTLY PAMPERED PRESENTS Gift Bundle is filled with fabulous DIY Beauty Treatments and Projects!

perfectly pampered presents


My Perfectly Pampered Presents are the perfect combination of homemade holiday gifts for women that will please even the fussiest of glamorous recipients!

I’ve put together a lovely selection of homemade organic beauty products that your gal pals will absolutely be delighted to receive.

I found these fabulous “jewelkeeper” suitcases online at Amazon, aren’t they an adorable way to package your Perfectly Pampered Presents?


perfectly pampered presents gifts in basket

For the last few weeks, I’ve been putting together different combinations, in different holiday color schemes. I’ve worked really hard to inspire you and ignite your creativity! 

In each of the individual Perfectly Pampered Present posts, I describe how to make and package your DIY beauty treatments.  You can click the links below to see each item’s instructive article.


wintery decorate perfectly pampered presents

Before you go online, always go shopping in your own home first!  I’ll  bet if you pull out your crafting supplies, you’ll find all the bits and bobbles you’ll need to help embellish your DIY Beauty Treatments.

And maybe a few holiday appropriate containers like these cute little “wintery” buckets I had previously purchased for cookies.

Now, let’s see what’s inside this lovely Gift Bundle!  Your Gal Pals and family can look forward to fabulous homemade holiday gifts from the heart!  


perfectly pampered presents packaging


PERFECTLY PAMPERED PRESENTS – 8 Fabulous DIY “Pampering” Gifts

Let’s check out all of the Perfectly Pampered Presents I’ve created to give your gal pals and family!  Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday or Mother’s Day, these Perfectly Pampered Presents make glamorous and thoughtful gifts.

Here’s all the simple and fun beauty recipes/projects in this “Perfectly Pampered Presents” Bundle:palo santo wood gift duo


Can you believe that this beautiful little package adorned with a “3-D” design is actually a box of long matchsticks?  Yes indeed!

I’ll show you how to beautifully bundle up your Palo Santo Wood sticks, and then add an extra-special way to light them!


perfectly pampered presents in black red and white Christmas decor

Wow!  Which one of your friends or family members wouldn’t love to receive a specially-made package filled with these fabulous DIY beauty recipes? 

They all take just a few minutes to make, and how much embellishing you do on the packaging is entirely up to you. Feel free to choose exactly which recipes you’ll be giving, and just make those.  Or, if you’re feeling especially inspired, gift all 8 Perfectly Pampered Presents!

I’ve created special matching hang tags for all 8 items, and even designed some label stickers to help make your gifts extra special!   I’ll tell you how to get your own set of hang tags and labels at the bottom of this post.


perfectly pampered presents stickers


Here’s how you can get your own copy of the fabulous matching Perfectly Pampered Presents Gift Hang Tags & Gift Box Stickers.


Perfectly Pampered Presents Stickers & Hang Tags

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