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PERFECT POSIES – Enhance Your Special Occasion Tablescapes

What a simple and lovely idea for a special occasion tablescape!  My Mother’s Day Luncheon this year will feature a table full of perfect posies to help celebrate the Moms in my life.

They’re tucked into a “Cone Pocket Napkin” fold that makes them even prettier, especially with a filmy pink napkin underneath!  Why yes, that is a few slim stalks of asparagus you see!  (It’s on the luncheon menu too)



Historically, posies have gone by many different names, and even various spellings, like poesy. But it usually refers to a small cluster of flowers or herbs, or even a single flower presented to someone special.

And that’s what I wanted for my very French Mother’s Day Luncheon.  A little something extra-special for the Moms in my life this year.

mother's day luncheon tablescape


Way back in the 15th century, this diminutive bouquet was called a nosegay, which means “to make the nose happy”. It was quite common in that time for women to carry nosegays of fragrant flowers or herbs.

Even the men would tuck them into their pockets or lapels so they could easily take a deep sniff when necessary.  It was quite common to rid your home of “sewage” by tossing it into the street. And a little posy was supposed to help?mother's day posies as guest favors Oh, dear!



Have you ever heard of a “tussie-mussie”?  That’s what a posy was called in the Victorian era. 

They were simply obsessed with the idea of each kind of flower having a specific meaning, so they would assemble their tussie-mussies to actually send a “message” to the recipient.

Nowadays, flower bouquets of this shape are most often used at weddings. Here you see one of my perfect posies tucked into a thick burlap ribbon and tied with raffia.  Simple and really cute too!

A posy can also be arranged in a vase in your home.  If you’re lucky enough to have a cutting garden planted in your backyard, you always have a bounty of choices for your bouquets.

Obviously, a visit to your local florist or nursery will provide all the blossoms, greens and herbs you could possibly want to create with.

But we’re not really talking about flower arranging in this article. We’re simply creating little bundles of colorful blooms to help enhance our special occasion tablescapes.



When making a posy there are a few rules to follow to ensure the posy doesn’t fall apart.

  • Lay down the material that you will tie your posy up with such as twine, ribbon or raffia on a flat surface.perfect posies for mother's day Cut the length so you have plenty to wind around the bundle 7 or 8 times before tying off. (around 20 inches or so)
  • Then on top of the string, lay down one stem or bundle, keeping the string about 2 inches from the bottom of the posy. This is your central feature item.
  • Then add different flowers or herbs around the feature item.
  • Tuck in some foliage to help balance the posy.
  • Keep going around the central bloom until you’re satisfied with the composition.
  • Pull the ends of the tying material up and wind around bundle at least 7-8 times before tying. Tie a pretty bow for perfect posies that will be used “as is”.
  • If tucking into a napkin, thick ribbon, etc., you can use a heavy duty rubber band instead.



Here’s some perfect posies I put together to help inspire you and give you ideas of how to construct your posies.



Honestly, the only limit to perfect posies is your imagination and available resources.  As you can see from the list below, the possibilities are endless.  Here’s just a few ideas from the top of my head: 

  • Fresh blooms on the small side OR one large “statement” stem
  • Dried flowers and greenery
  • Herbs like chives, rosemary, thyme, parsley, dill and tarragon (woody herbs last better)
  • Fresh vegetables like thin asparagus spears or fiddlehead ferns
  • Salad greens such as endive or watercress
  • Clover and sprouts
  • Ornamental kale in purple and white
  • Succulent flowers and greens
  • Fern stalks



My fancy French-Inspired Mother’s Day Luncheon’s color scheme is pink and white this year.  That meant I’d be using starched white napkins, so I decided to do a fancy folded “pocket” to hold my perfect posies!

Here’s a few more ideas for perfect posies that I did using this cleverly folded napkin technique.


If you’d like to learn how to do this “Cone” Pocket Napkin Fold, I’ve got a fabulous printable that gives you the step-by-step instructions with pictures.  

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE:  “Cone” Pocket Napkin Fold for Special Occasion Tablescapes

Would  you like to hear more about my ooh-la-la French Mother’s Day Luncheon menu and tablescape?



Celebrating Mother’s Day this year will be festive and delightfully delicious when hosting a “French-Themed” lunch to honor the mothers in your life.

mother's day luncheon buffet

Here’s what is on the menu of my fabulously French Mother’s Day Luncheon:


But what about dessert? You can’t have a bunch of gals together without serving dessert, right?


MOTHER’S DAY LUNCHEON – Desserts Are Mandatory!

Here’s the two desserts I chose to be the “sweet endings” to my fabulous Mother’s Day Luncheon.  I’ll serve both with an assortment of teas to wind down what is sure to be a lovely afternoon.

mother's day desserts

The first is a light and moist Pink Grapefruit Chiffon Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.  Yes, I know it’s PINK!

I finished the cake off with some delightful sugar flowers and leaves I purchased on Amazon last year.  They last forever if kept in a dry, dark and cool location. 

It turned out so lovely with three luscious layers, just aching for some White Chocolate Buttercreamchocolate grand marnier pots de creme Frosting.  Depending on the size of cake pan you use, you’ll have 2 or 3 layers, so you will need 6 whole cups of frosting for this cake.  (that’s exactly how much my recipe makes!)

Now, for the second Mother’s Day Luncheon dessert, I knew any gaggle of women would be looking around, waiting for the chocolate to appear!  So as not to disappoint, I’ve also included a lovely Chocolate Grand Marnier Pots de Crème on the menu.  

It’s densely chocolate, with a hint of citrus that gives it a new level of sophistication.  In keeping with the party’s pink color-scheme, and the pink grapefruit cake, I garnished them with Candied Pink Grapefruit slices.  They are amazingly addictive, so be careful to save enough for your presentation!

I finished the Chocolate Grand Marnier Pots de Crème with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream and fresh mint.  Don’t they look lovely? And they taste even better!




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