Well, it starts with a fabulous fruit puree of course!  And if it’s been prepared in your own kitchen, you’ll know bellini cocktailsexactly what ends up in your peach puree for Bellini cocktails.

  If you’ve got a great peach puree, you can go less expensive on your choice of champagne.

I’ve been making and photographing tons of cocktails these past few weeks for my How to Stock the Ultimate Holiday Bar Cart – Part One and Part Two series.  Make sure you check out both posts, there is so much fabulous information you won’t to miss. 

I made sure to schedule making peach puree for Bellini cocktails on a Sunday morning photo shoot.

I was hankering for some Banana and Caramel French Toast and decided we’d have brunch afterwards! Now that’s living the good life, one moment at a time!


You can’t really say you’ve got the ultimate holiday bar cart without serving some champagne cocktails like these clever concoctions:

BELLINI – Champagne, peach puree & a peach slice

UPTOWN WAYS – Rosé Champagne, cognac, pineapple & lemon juice, pepper syrup

MIMOSA – Champagne, orange juice & an orange slice

CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL – Champagne, bitters, sugar cube & a lemon twist

FRENCH 75 – Champagne, cognac, lemon juice, simple syrup & a lemon twist

KIR ROYALE – Champagne, creme de cassis & three  Simple Brandy Soaked Cherries – Cocktail Garnish & Dessert Topping

Wow, how many ways can you doll up champagne?  Apparently, there is no limit on how creative you can get when serving champagne.  I’m currently working on a new version using my homemade pomegranate molasses.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


OMG, don’t get me started!  When I began thinking about how many different ways I could play with fruit purees and champagne, my head started spinning! 

The really cool thing about Champagne cocktails is that if you know the basic recipe for a sweetened fruit puree, you’re golden!

I started with mango, then moved on to pineapple (not so successful, too thin) and then finished with pears.  We loved the subtle pear flavor it lent to the cocktail, but even with the addition of simple syrup, I had trouble keeping the puree from darkening.  Next time I’ll add a bit more fresh lemon juice to try to minimize the oxidation process.

PEACH PUREE FOR BELLINI COCKTAILS  – Here’s a really pretty DOWNLOAD PDF recipe for you to print out!peach puree for bellini cocktails recipe card

Oh yeah, look how adorable this 2-page Downloadable PDF recipe for Peach Puree for Bellini Cocktails turned out!  I’ve been so pumped up while working on my two-part series on How to Stock the Ultimate Holiday Bar Cart, that I couldn’t resist.  

Just click on the image to download your copy of my Peach Puree for Bellini Cocktails Printable PDF!

What do you think about making your own fruit purees to become a master champagne cocktail creator?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below or better yet, post some of your Bellini pics over at The Fab Life Facebook Group!   The whole IFAFL community would love to see your holiday libations, gals!

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