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Passover Planner and Printables


Our Passover Planner and Printables were created to help you plan your fabulous holiday week-long celebraton and enjoy it too!

Here at Ingredients For A Fabulous Life, it’s all about entertaining at home and the food.  That’s why I’m not going to start this PASSOVER POST with a lesson on why we celebrate Pesach each year.   

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know. I’m not trying to “go rogue”, I swear!  It’s just that I have so many great Passover ideas to share with you, I figured you could read that stuff on someone else’s website.    

After all, I’m a Lifestyle Diva, not a history teacher!  So let’s start talking about planning your Passover week celebration, from your Seder(s), to your week-long observant meals.  


PASSOVER PLANNER PDF – Your Comprehensive Pesach Celebration Resource

Passover planner

When Spring flowers start bursting into bloom, you know that Pesach isn’t far behind.  With the arrival of Passover comes a whirlwind of cleaning, celebration preparations and meal planning.  Let’s face it, you can’t just “wing it” for this holiday, it takes some planning and preparation.

Passover plannerThe Passover Planner contains all the planning and organizational tools you’ll need to rid your home of “chametz” before the holiday.   It also contains a list of all chametz foods, which helps with the cleaning and planning of all your Passover-observant meals for the week.

Using the Passover Seder and Week Menu Planners & Prep Pages will also make your life much easier, and less stressful!   

Our Passover Planner also has all the holiday Seder ritual instructions, and even a Hebrew/English version of the Four Questions you can print out for each of your Seder guests.   

And when it comes time to HIDE THE AFIKOMAN, you can ramp up the fun by leaving up to 5 CLUES to help your little “hunters” locate the elusive Afikoman at the end of your Seders!




  • Front Cover
  • Ritual Seder Items and Foods
  • Search For Chametz InstructionsPassover planner
  • List Of Chametz Foods
  • How to Create Your Seder Plate
  • Seder “Order” of Rituals and Prayers
  • The Four Questions in Hebrew and English
  • April Calendar – Passover Meal Prep Schedule
  • Passover Seder Night 1 Meal Planner
  • Pesach Seder Night 1 Meal Prep List
  • Passover Seder Night 2 Meal Planner
  • Passover Seder Night 2 Meal Prep List
  • Seder Grocery List
  • Passover Seder Tablescape Checklist
  • Passover Week Breakfast Planner
  • Pesach Week Lunch/Snack Planner
  • Passover Week Dinner Planner
  • Passover Master Grocery List


Wow, how valuable would it be to have all these helpful tools to get your Passover Celebration Week planned and ready to enjoy? Now, let’s check out the next fabulous Passover Printable I’ve created for you!



Matching Seder Invitation, Guest Seder Menu Cards, Napkins Rings & Guest Place Card Set

Passover Seder Tablescape Printables

I just love to have a “theme” when I give a party in my home.  When inviting friends and family for a Passover Seder, it seems fitting to do the same.  I love  this “desert” theme with pyramids and camels on a matzo background.  Really appropriate, right?

Your Seder tablesettings will look so lovely sporting these fun and festive Passover tablescape printables.  After downloading your purchase from The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe, here’s a few tips for creating your Passover Seder tablescape decor:

  • Print all pieces on Heavy White Cardstock, using a color printerpassover printables
  • Print as many invitations as needed for your Seder guest list; “fill-in-the-blanks” and send them out!
  • For the best results, print the Passover Seder “Menu Cards” using the “FIT TO PAPER” setting; print one menu card for each guest (they come 2 to a page);
  • Write or print your Seder menu on each Menu Card;
  • There’s 4 Napkin Rings on the page and 2 Guest Place Cards per page, so again, print out the number of each page you need for your Seder guests; 
  • Cut out the Guest Place Cards and Napkin Rings;
  • Staple, glue or tape the Napkin Rings into a circle the appropriate size for your napkins (test the size first)
  • Set the table for your Passover Seder!



I’m a “Jew-by-Choice”, having converted to Judaism after my husband and I  joined a  congregation to educate our oldest son for his Bar Mitzvah.  As we “interviewed” each synagogue by attending Shabbat services and their Kiddish afterwards, I fell in love with the people and the religion.  


passover seder

I remember the trepidation I felt having to prepare and host my first Passover Seder for my husband’s family and friends those many years ago.  Yes, I was a “Lifestyle Diva-In-Training” back then, so I needed my first Seder to be fabulous!

Wanting to show our boys what fun and how important Passover is to our religion, we made pillows for “reclining” in our seats with matching napkins.  They’ve since been passed along to our oldest son now to carry on the tradition.  


passover seder dinner

Passover Seder games have always played a part in our family’s Passover celebrations.  We began with simple word games when the children were small, and then graduated to more complicated games as they grew older.

Because Passover is predominantly a Jewish ceremonial holiday, it’s a great idea to include some fun activities throughout the evening.   This year we’ll be playing a game I created called PASSSOVER “MATZO” BINGO & MATCH GAME. 

The only difference in this game and traditional bingo is that you’ll be calling and covering Passover-related images instead of numbers.  AND, the winner calls out “Matzo” instead of bingo.  What’s really nice is that for a solo child, it can be played without a caller as a “Match Game” instead.


  •  Front Cover
  • “Matzo” Bingo & Match Game Instructions
  • Game Markers for Playerers (print one sheet per player)
  • “Matzo” Caller Card
  • 8 Player Game Cards
  • Back Cover



The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s Passover Matzo Coloring Book is another great way to entertain the young crowd at your Passover Seders.

Passover matzo coloring book


When it comes time for your Passover Seder preparations and the ceremonial dinner(s) itself, it can be tough for the little people in your crowd to stay still, or quiet. 

That’s where The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s Passover Matzo Coloring Book comes to the rescue!   It’s got eight Passover-themed coloring pages to keep their little hands busy while munching on matzo!

After downloading your PDF, here’s how to make your coloring books for your Seder:

  • Print the number of coloring books you’ll need for your Seders on good quality paper using a color printer;
  • Collate the pages into full sets of 10 pages each; Front Cover/8 Coloring Pages/Back Cover
  • Staple in three places along left side of pages to form a book, or have them spiral bound at your local copy shop if desired (I actually own a home model to bind them myself)


Make sure you fill some cups with colorful crayons to put on the Seder table alongside the bowls of saltwater! Your little guests will be kept happy all evening long!


IFAFL SUBSCRIBER FREEBIE – Lifestyle Diva Shoppe Passover Sampler

Passover printables freebie

For all my Ingredients For A Fabulous Life subscribers, I’ve prepared a freebie sampler of our Passover Printables.   

Using the Passover Seder Tablescape Planner, Passover Seder Invitation and Passover Meal Prep Schedule are a great way to get started with your holiday planning. 

And when you’re ready to get your own full versions of our Passover Printables, head over to The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe at ETSY to purchase your copies.  

*If You Purchase the whole Passover Bundle, you get the PASSOVER MATZO COLORING BOOK FOR FREE!

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Here’s one my favorite Passover recipes for breakfast, especially if I’ve got guests for the holiday.

CHREMSLACH – TWO WAYS (mazto pancakes)

passover recipesMaking Chremslach is so fast and easy, they should become part of your weekend breakfast routine all year long. 

But especially during Passover, when leavened bread is not consumed, these “gourmet” matzo pancakes are a special treat for breakfast for a quick “Pesach” snack.

The variations are endless, whether you add to the pancake batter itself or go nuts with toppings.

Either way, you’ll want to make some this Passover, especially if you’re hosting guests for Passover weekend.

CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPES:  Gourmet Matzo Pancakes (Chremslach)



passover recipesIf you have a crowd of chopped liver lover’s, then this recipe will satisfy them all!  It’s one of the Passover recipes that are sure to please everyone at your Seder table. 

Have you ever tried fig jam on a cheese platter?  That lovely combination of sweet and savory is tantalizing paired with a nice crisp white wine.

Now, take that same mindset and apply it to chopped liver.

Think of the smooth liver pate, with a little dollop of date jam piled on top of a crunchy piece of matzo.

 If that doesn’t sound fabulous, adjust your mindset!  (unless you’re not a fan of chopped liver, of course!)

You can serve it family style in a crock slathered with date jam, or be a little fancy and serve it as an individually plated appetizer.  It’s entirely up to your style of entertaining!  I really tried to give you some versatility with this selection of Passover recipes.


passover recipes and game



passover recipesSimple ingredients, in a simple preparation equals a sublime flavor equation that takes subtle Spring asparagus to new heights.

When the dressing is poured over asparagus, and topped with thick wedges of jammy eggs transforms the dish into a trip to the Jewish Catalan communities of Spain.

What a lovely addition Spanish Asparagus Vinaigrette would make to your Passover Seder dinner.   It’s one of my absolute favorite Passover recipes!

Click on the link, print out the recipe and then check “find Seder side dish” off your Passover planning list – Spanish Asparagus Vinaigrette



We all get a little tired of matzo as the end of Passover nears.  Okay, very tired of Matzo!  Asparagus Matzo Terrines with Blender Hollandaise Sauce to the rescue!

asparagus matzo terrine with blender hollandaise sauce

Every year I task myself with creating something a little different for Passover week meals.  Maybe a twist on an old favorite or traditional recipe.  ANYTHING, to help relieve the “palette boredom” I get this time of year.

When I think of the season’s first vegetables, bright green asparagus, sugar snap peas and baby spinach immediately “Spring” to mind.  Quickly blanched, they’re the “meat” in Asparagus Matzo Terrines with Blender Hollandaise Sauce.

It seemed logical to add a creamy cheese layer too.  Ricotta cheese would be perfect, but what would be a nice complement to the asparagus?


Passover recipes

Lemons for sure, so both juice and zest were added to the recipe.  But what other cheese would complement the vegetables, but not overwhelm the overall taste profile of the dish?  A creamy Gouda!

You’ve got to get the recipe for this Pesach “showstopper” entree!  Your Seder guests will delight in having something a little different this year.  And won’t it be lovely to have everyone asking for one of your Passover recipes?

CLICK THIS LINK TO GET THE RECIPE FOR:  Asparagus Matzo Terrines with Blender Hollandaise Sauce



Passover salmon ring



Passover Salmon Ring (Gourmet Gefilte Fish)


Passover Apricot Carrot Cakelets


Two Fabulous Passover Dessert Recipes + Passover Whipped Cream






Not everyone loves planning parties and functions in their home.  I do.  Many of my friends do too.  You, maybe not so much.

nan with easter tablescapeHave you ever wondered why you get a twang in your stomach when someone mentions having a BBQ at your place?  Or maybe you love the “idea” of entertaining in your home, but don’t know where to start.

Those lifestyle magazines make it all look so glamorous and effortless, don’t they?  Unfortunately, parties don’t just “pop-up” like my favorite local clothing designer’s store does each Spring.

It just takes a little inspiration, planning and then some focused attention.  But it’s not impossible to do on a regular basis.

You just need some great tutorials, the right planning tools,  fabulous recipes and complete instructions.


Ingredients For A Fabulous Life  and The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe at ETSY are dedicated to helping you become the stylish hostess “with the mostess”, you’ve always wanted to be!  (and you’ll know exactly what outfit to wear too!)


Now that we’ve got all your Passover recipes taken care of, let’s see how you can get a set of those festive Passover Celebration Printables!



Passover printables freebie

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