If you’re like me, I enjoy “mixing it up” a little during Hanukkah week. Why not serve a Middle Eastern Hanukkah Celebration Feast for one of your nightly celebratory meals? 

middle eastern hanukkah celebration feast


This delicious menu features 6 different Middle Eastern treats that combine to make a fabulous Hanukkah buffet. 

And what will be on the menu for your Middle Eastern Feast?


Before I tell you about these delicious Hanukkah recipes, let’s talk about planning your Hanukkah week celebrations first!



How would you like to plan a fabulous and stress-free Hanukkah this year?  

hanukkah holiday planner cover imageMy Hanukkah Holiday Planner PDF  will take you through all the planning necessary for a stressless Hanukkah week.  From baking to gift-giving, I’ve got you covered every which way but loose!

Just like those Ronco commercials we love to hate, I’ve got one more thing to help you celebrate a fabulous Hanukkah. 

How about celebrating Hanukkah this year with a set of Hanukkah Celebration Countdown Treat Bags?

They’re kind of like a Jewish version of an Advent calendar used for Christmas.

I’ve created two different designs, one with menorahs lit with the night’s number of candles, and the other using numbers.

Then I showed you how to “bling” them up a bit with glitter and curling ribbon for the numbered version, some thick gold ribbon and some gold/blue trimming for the menorahs.

For the menorah bags, I folded the top differently to make them look a little like a dreidel.  On both sets, I made sure that Night #8’s bag has a little “extra” to signify the last night of the holiday.

Won’t these Hanukkah Celebration Countdown Treat Bags make your Hanukkah a little more festive?  You bet they will!  (the numbered set is shown in a image later in this post)


hanukkah countdown treat bags

Keep reading,  so you can find out how to get your set of Hanukkah Celebration Countdown Treat Bag Stickers and Hanukah Holiday Planner!



Crispy, puffy pastry surrounds a saffron and caramelized onion potato filling that will transport you right to the Middle East.  Potato Saffron Bourekas are redolent with roasted garlic and topped with caraways seeds to make them extra special.

middle eastern hanukkah celebration feast

Crispy phyllo surrounds a tangy and deeply flavorful filling of feta, broccoli rabe and sweet sauteed shallots.  Topped with sesame seeds, Cheese & Broccoli Rabe Bourekas are a fabulous party nibble!

Bourekas are delicious Middle Eastern version of a hand pie. These stuffed pastries are popular in Israel and throughout the Middle East.

Through a complicated history originating in central Asia with the Turks, and ending with the Sephardic Jews bourekas were born.  They’re really a meshing of an empanada and a layered pastry known as a börek.  Hence the merging of their names, börek + empanada = boureka.  Cool, huh?

They’re usually made with either puff pastry or phyllo dough, and make fabulous appetizers or a side dish with soup. Bourekas are also fabulous holiday hostess helpers.  They freeze well, which means you can make them ahead and pop them in the oven when guests arrive.

I made my Potato Saffron Bourekas with puff pastry and the Cheese and Broccoli Rabe Bourekas with phyllo dough.  This way you can try both and decide which you like better!  For me it’s a toss-up, I love them both.  I hope you do too!


NO YEAST CILANTRO OIL FLATBREAD & FRIED HALLOUMI – It’s perfect with both my dips and Fried Halloumi!

fried halloumi recipe with flatbread

Both these dishes are perfect for a Middle Eastern Hanukkah Celebration Feast!  

Soft, fluffy and flavorful, my No Yeast Cilantro Flatbread need no yeast!  Baking powder does the job in less time and produces a lovely, pan-fried flatbread that’s ready in 30 minutes flat!  Using homemade Cilantro Oil adds the essence of the Middle East to these fabulous fluffy flatbreads.


Turkish muhammara dip with flatbread

And what could be more perfect with your homemade basket of flatbreads?  Fried Halloumi, of course!  

Fried to a browned perfection, this chewy, slightly salty brined cheese is the perfect foil for eating with warm flatbreads.

Halloumi is a fabulous semi-firm cheese from Cyprus and a favorite in Greek cooking. It’s similar to mozzarella in texture, but it is brined so it imparts a salty taste and greater depth of flavor.

It’s perfect for grilling or frying because it doesn’t melt. Halloumi slices or chunks will retain their shape when cooked, and the heat softens the rubbery cheese at bit, while mellowing out the salty taste.


fried halloumi cheese cooking in the pan

This would be a fabulous addition to your Middle Eastern Hanukkah Celebration Feast, because frying halloumi creates a truly unique taste treat. It’s chewy and toothsome, so don’t expect it to melt in your mouth!

Fried halloumi is best served warm, and you can complement it in any number of ways, like a few Middle Eastern dips!



Moroccan Zaalouk with Cilantro Oil is an aromatic eggplant and tomato dip a little like a “Moroccan Ratatouille, with the flavors of the Middle East blended to perfection.

middle eastern hanukkah celebration feast


Turkish Muhammara Dip is a delicious red pepper sauce made from charred red peppers, walnuts and Pomegranate Molasses.  It’s both savory and a little sweet, making it a perfect addition to any Middle Eastern meal.


moroccan zaalouk dip with cilantro oil


I hope I’ve inspired you to have a Middle Eastern Hanukkah Celebration Feast this year!  All 6 of these recipes are simple, fast and easy to make on any Hanukkah weeknight.  I pinky promise!

Since we celebrate Hanukkah eight nights in a row, that’s a lot of meals to plan ahead of time!  And you definitely don’t want to get bored of the food during such a fun and festive holiday, right?

So do yourself a favor and plan trying some fabulous Middle Eastern fare during the long anticipated week of Hanukkah!



hanukkah holiday planner pages graphic


I just mentioned how much planning it takes to celebrate an 8 day holiday.  And being a self-proclaimed lifestyle diva, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer to help!

I’ve created a fabulous Hanukkah Holiday Planner PDF  that will help you with all the planning for a stress-free Hanukkah week.  


blessings candle lighting and songs for hanukkah


Not only is it chock-full of planning sheets, it also has  four pages dedicated to the religious portion of Hanukkah’s celebration.  I’ve even included the rules for playing a rousing game of Dreidel! 




8 nights of hanukkah treat bags

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