Meet The Traveling Wolves

Hi, I’m Nan Emanuel.  My H.H. (hunky husband) Jay and I are empty nesters with a penchant for travel and adventure that we indulge several times a year.  We live on top of a mountain in a golf & ski resort in Western North Carolina, and the mascot is the wolf.  A bit strange, as North Carolina has no wolves, but nevertheless, we decided to incorporate the mascot into our journal’s name.  Hence the creation of The Traveling Wolves Journal.

Come with us, and we’ll take you along for the ride as we wander the world, near and far.  I promise they won’t be your typical travelogues.  I’ll be chronicling our trips with plenty of my own commentary, and as you’ll soon find out, I see all, talk to everyone, and have an opinion on just about everything.

Keep your eyes peeled for pics of Jay and I wearing our matching Ingredients For A Fabulous Life caps in some really cool places, like the Island of Murano in Venice, Italy or in Zadar, Croatia!

If you see us out and about in your neck of the woods, or somewhere far away and exotic, make sure you come over and say hello!

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