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Here’s a few tips on how to plan your dream vacation that is fun, fulfilling and filled with exactly what you want to do. I want you to dig deep and explore your inner hopes and desires for your getaway, be it short or long.



If your Dream Vacation is going to happen, then you need to hunker down and do some of the hard work.  Oh yes, I’m asking you to start thinking about what your dream vacation would look like.  Whatever you want to call it, brainstorming, fantasizing, or just plain daydreaming.  This is the time to do it…

Are you in an exotic, far away land experiencing the myriad of sights and sounds?  Or perhaps you’re swinging in adream vacation planner sheet hammock along a lazy river reading your favorite book, again.  Everyone’s dream vacation is different, and definitely individual to themselves.



BUT, what if you’re traveling with companions or family?  Well, then you’d better get them involved.  Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into everyone’s desires, hopes and dreams.  Problem is… they probably don’t know what they are either!

Hence my creating this valuable tool, the Dream Vacation Planner sheet.

Just click the image to download and print out enough copies for everyone to use.  If you can do it as a group, I’d recommend doing so.  A quick conversation about the guidelines and restrictions (health and otherwise) is really valuable so as not to dash anyone’s daydreams.

It’s terrible to start fantasizing and then have it quashed by a very real health issue that would restrict Uncle Jim from participating in your dream.

Okay, now it’s time for some helpful tips on just how you plan your dream vacation!



This is a step that most travelers skip all together, never getting in touch with what they really want from their vacation time.  By “setting your intentions” (just like we do in yoga class) you’ll find that your trip can be incredibly satisfying and truly fulfilling.  That sounds fabulous to me!

Finding out what kind of vacation would recharge your batteries and revitalize your soul will ensure a fabulous Summer respite.

  • Do you want to come back recharged, relaxed and totally chill? An isolated cabin on a lake sounds lovely, doesn’t it?
  • How about reconnecting with family or friends in a fabulous location? A beach getaway for the whole crowd would be lots of fun!
  • Are you hoping to shake your booty and have an energizing and adventurous time out of town? Then you’ll want to head to the big city and get your groove on.


how to plan your dream vacation

You get my drift here… If you want to come home feeling like all the planning and packing was worth it, set your intentions now.  Take the time to figure out just what kind of vacation would give you and your family the most joy and contentment.



Getting and being able to take the time off  for a vacation isn’t always easy.  If you’re taking the time to plan your dream vacation, then you should get the most you possibly can out of your trip.  Do a little “deep dive” into your destination during the planning stages, you and your traveling companion(s) will appreciate it!

When traveling almost anywhere, you’ll have many opportunities to meet new people, experience new cultures and their myriad of wonders.  Even if you’re staying domestic, by investigating your vacation destination beforehand, you’ll be sure to find the hidden gems among the chaff.

Plan a few experiences that allow you to connect to other regional cultures and visit some of the surrounding natural wonders.  You’ll be sooo happy you did a little pre-trip “recon”!


how to plan a summer vacation


Whether you’re in the city or pounding tent stakes into the ground, Mother Nature should be part of your plans!  Vacation is the perfect time to reconnect with nature, even if it’s a picnic in Central Park in the middle of New York City.  Yes, the grass in Yankee Stadium can count too, if that’s the way you roll!

When we spend time amongst the sublime beauty of our natural surroundings, life tends to feel like it has slowed down.  It’s revitalizing to our minds, souls and can even lift our spirits and wellbeing too. 

We can feel a bit more relaxed and free.  Our breathing gets a little deeper to let us enjoy the fresh scents of the grass, perhaps we can even hear it growing. 

And that leads to my next tip for planning your dream vacation.



Yes, I know it’s a popular mantra these days to “be in the moment”.  But that doesn’t mean it’svenice italy ferry ride not true. True?

You’ve made the effort to plan your dream vacation, and now you’re sitting on a ferry heading to the island of Murano in Venice. But you’re not enjoying the beautiful homes along the shore. No, you’re too busy worrying about an unfinished project at work.   

What?  Why did you fly half way around the world to worry about your job?  You didn’t!  If it takes a conscious effort to keep those thoughts from your mind, then do it. It will be worth it, I promise.

Now, instead, I ask you to relish, appreciate and savor what you are  experiencing and seeing during that ferry ride instead.

You might catch sight of the incredible statue comprised of joined arms and hands over a side canal.  Or the school children calling to the ferry, jumping and waving their arms to say hello.

Don’t miss those little moments that can make your dream vacation that much more special. When they start to pile up, they’re exactly  the things that can make for a very memorable vacation.

Can you see how these tips stack up and make it much easier to plan your dream vacation?


TIP FIVE:  CONSIDER HAVING A VACATION WITH NO PHONE… (except for emergencies, of course!)

Or electronics of any kind, at all.  Especially if your dream vacation involves spending time out in the forests of Washington or Oregon.  Or if you’ve booked a series of excursions to scour the Tuscany region with abandon.

Why not leave the Kindle at home.  Take a softcover book to read.  Do you really need WiFi every single day of your Dream Vacation?  Gee, is that really how you dreamed of spending your vacation time? 


how to plan a dream vacation

I personally need to spend way too much time on the internet working on this lifestyle blog!  It’s a pleasure for me when I can ditch it for a few days. But that’s me, not you!

You’ll be amazed at how much more “in the moment” you can be when you don’t spend your spare time texting or checking Pinterest.  While waiting for the subway train to arrive, why not strike up a conversation with the nice person standing next to you?  Or duck into that curio shop next door to find an unusual trinket to take home.

How much more will you enjoy yourself if you don’t spend so much time with your head down and your thumbs typing?  You’ll be amazed… just wait and see!



Over the years my husband and I have adopted a concept we like to call “Flex-Plan”.  After spending years taking excursions and planning our trips down to the moment, we felt a bit depleted by the memories.

While it’s an amazing adventure to take numerous tours in foreign lands and try to squeeze every drop out of your trips, it can be draining.  Is that truly a vacation, let alone a dream vacation? 

I can’t imagine anyone planning a trip with the intention of coming home completely exhausted and in need of… a vacation!  See what I mean?

plan your dream vacation

Instead, we still research and plan lots of fun and amazing tours, but we also make sure we plan more flexible outings as well.  Sometimes you’re just too hot and thirsty to run across town to get to your mask-making class in Venice on time.  It happens.  Not too often, but you need to be mentally prepared to “let it go”!

The earth won’t stop rotating, your trip won’t be ruined, and you probably won’t end up regretting your last-minute decision.  Sometimes you just need to yell out FLEX-PLAN to your partner and all is well.  What will you do instead?  Maybe a relaxing cocktail at that al fresco café you passed a minute ago.  See? All better!

Just mentally commit to using the concept of “Flex-Plan” if the need arises. I think you’ll find your vacation much more satisfying that way!

And that’s my tips for planning an absolutely fabulous Dream Vacation!  I hope you are planning to get out of town sometime this season, you probably need a vacation, don’t you?

How would you like to have a comprehensive 19- Page Summer Vacation Planner to get yourself into vacation planning mode?


summer vacation planner


HOW TO PLAN YOUR DREAM VACATION- Just Use My Handy Summer Vacation Planner!

Now that you’ve figured out exactly what kind of dream vacation you want to have, it’s time to start planning!  And if you want it to be fabulous, you’ll need to get your planning hat on.

Wait, you don’t have a vacation planner?  How will you keep track of all the vacation details? Will you remember everything you and the family will need?  Have you even figured out what those things are yet? 

Gee, it sounds to me like you NEED a Summer Vacation Travel PlannerWouldn’t it be amazing to have a resource that will keep you organized and make sure all the little things are taken care of?

Well that’s exactly how your Summer vacation planning will be when you download my SUMMER VACATION TRAVEL PLANNER!  It’s a comprehensive tool that will help you keep all the details in one place so nothing will be forgotten.

summer vacation planner

This is a sampling of the 19 page Summer Vacation Planner that’s going to change your vacation planning experience forever!

My planner will even prompt you to think of some of the details for your trip that hadn’t even occurred to you yet.  Did you remember to turn off the water heater and adjust the thermostat?

The “Vacation Home Prep Checklist” will help take the worry away once you’ve locked the door. You won’t have to give it another thought.  Now that’s a valuable tool for any traveler, don’t you think? 



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