how to plan a fabulous summer vacation


With Summer right around the corner, it’s definitely time to start making your seasonal vacation plans. And if you want it to be fabulous, you’ll need to get your planning hat on. It’s time to plan a Summer vacation with tons of fun and lots of laughs!

Wait, you don’t have a vacation planner?  How will you keep track of all the vacation details? Will you remember everything you and the family will need?  Have you even figured out what those things are yet? 

Gee, it sounds to me like you NEED a Summer Vacation PlannerWouldn’t it be amazing to have a resource that will keep you organized and make sure all the little things are taken care of?

Well that’s exactly how your Summer vacation planning will be when you download my SUMMER VACATION PLANNER!  It’s a comprehensive tool that will help you keep all the details in one place so nothing will be forgotten.


summer vacation planner

This is a sampling of the 19 page Summer Vacation Planner that’s going to change your vacation planning experience forever!

My planner will even prompt you to think of some of the details for your trip that hadn’t even occurred to you yet.  Did you remember to turn off the water heater and adjust the thermostat?

The “Vacation Home Prep Checklist” will help take the worry away once you’ve locked the door. You won’t have to give it another thought.  Now that’s a valuable tool for any traveler, don’t you think? 

I’ll tell you how to get your own Summer Vacation Planner at the end of this post.

But before you start to plan a Summer vacation, I want to ask you an important question.  When you close your eyes, what does your dream vacation look like?  I know that’s a loaded question, but it’s an important one if you want to plan a Summer vacation that’s fabulous.

plan your dream vacation

I wrote a whole article just on how to figure out what your Dream Vacation is, and how to plan it with purpose and intention.  And, of course, I created a Dream Vacation Planner sheet that will help you channel your inner dreams and aspirations for your upcoming vacation. You can download one from that article to get started, but it’s also part of the Summer Vacation Planner too.  Gotcha covered!

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE:  How to Plan a Dream Vacation



Check local, state, and regional regulations anywhere in the world you may be traveling.  While some places have no restrictions on activities, others haven’t fully opened yet.  It’s important to do a check during your Summer Vacation Planning process so you’ll have no surprises.

planning a summer vacation

Don’t be surprised if the conditions change during your trip. Unfortunately, these restrictions are fluid. If the number of infections increases in certain areas, new restrictions could quickly go into effect.

Flexibility is key this vacation season, so make sure you review the cancellation policies on all of your trip’s accommodations and excursions.

Consider investing in a travel insurance policy with “cancel for any reason” coverage.  That could allow you to recoup your deposits if things are changing as your departure date draws near. 

Packing a “Safety Kit” to take along with you is highly recommended.  For road trips I use a medium paper shopping bag with handles and toss in these items:

  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Face Masks
  • Paper Towels/Bottled Water
  • Disinfectant Spray



Especially when an outside factor, like a change in the local restrictions impacts your vacation plans, it can be disappointing.  

plan a Summer vacation

But it’s Summer folks, so make sure you plan to spend plenty of time in the outdoors.  Most of those new restrictions won’t give your plans a hiccup, especially if you have your masks packed and ready to wear.

There are so many incredible wonders of nature that can be planned into your Summer vacation.  And the best part is that they’re the plans you won’t have to change!


PACKING CHECKLISTS FOR A FABULOUS SUMMER VACATIONMaster checklist for summer vacation planner

In the Summer Vacation Planner, you’ll find a plenty of packing checklists.

There’s specialty checklists just for the family’s toiletries and even one for your pet’s needs too.

The Master Packing Checklist is chock full of items that you might not even know you would need.  I tried to do most of the heavy thinking for you! 

Don’t worry, I’ve left plenty of space for you to add all the family’s items that aren’t on my checklist.

If you need to take a boogie board or 2, put them on the list!

Next, let’s talk about taking a vacation with your pet in tow!




how to plan a summer vacation

Traveling with a pet is one of the stressors that can make or break your family Summer vacation.  Hasn’t is been stressful enough planning and packing, let along worrying about your pet’s vacation too?

And yes, your pet(s) have a page dedicated to their vacation needs and desires in my Summer Vacation Travel Planner too!  Like children, pets don’t travel “light”! 

But I truly believe this equation – “Happy Pet + Happy Travelers = A Fabulous Summer Vacation”.



Here’s a few tips that will help make traveling with your four-legged friends a bit easier this time around:

  • Take the pet for a few short rides before your trip so it gets accustomed and understand it’s a pleasant event. pet vacation planner page Animals can adjust to car travel if given the opportunity to get used to the process.
  • Take a few moments to put your cell phone number on your pet’s collar in permanent marker to help in case it gets lost.  Alternatively, your vet can inject your pet with a tiny microchip implant (it’s about the size of a grain of rice). If he loses his collar, rescue organizations will scan the back of his neck, see his personal identification number, and contact you. Yeah!
  • It’s safest for passengers and your pets if cats ride in a carrier and dogs in a car harness, seat or a crate, depending on what makes them most comfortable.  Even low-key pets can exhibit behavior problems when in the car.  When animals are out of their comfort zone, they can become dangerous while driving if not corralled.



  • Make sure you reward your pet’s good behavior.  They’ll be super happy to have a little treat during a rest stop when they get to stretch their legs.  Pack them in Ziploc bags along with the rest of your pet’s vacation supplies.
  • Speaking of rest stops, make sure your pet gets time out of the car every 3-4 hours for a cat or adult dog. A young dog or pup will probably need to stop every 2 hours or so. Take them for a nice leash walk to relieve themselves and let them do some sniffing too!
  • Feed your pet a light meal before getting in the car if they normally eat in the morning.  BE FOREWARNED – pets can become carsick.  Both myself and April, our Boston Terrier, are prone to motion sickness.  So, I’ve put a motion sickness herbal medication on the Pet Vacation Planner, so you’ll be covered, just in case!  Once you’ve stopped driving for the day, feed your pet as normal.



I always have some pretzels in the car when traveling due to my tendency toward motion sickness.  Believe it or not, giving your dog a pretzel when they first start feeling unwell can save the day’s journey!  It always works for me, so I figured, why not?

Plan your pet’s typical feeding and walking schedule into your travel time. If your pet eats at midday, stop and give him a quick walk and a small meal.

Okay, now you’ve got the car packed up and you’re ready to head out the door.  But is your home ready for your vacation too?  



Your vacation is all planned, and you want it to be relaxing and worry free. Then you need to take some time to prepare your home before you leave on your trip.

Once you’ve gone through the Vacation House Prep Planner checklist, you’ll be able to lock your door and let your worries float away.

summer vacation planner

You’ll want to take some necessary precautions when it comes to your home’s plumbing and electric.  Letting your major appliances run while you are away is truly a needless expense.  And ultimately could also lead to costly problems while you’re gone, like a burst water heater.

Here’s a list of items the insurance industry says we should be doing before leaving our homes for any length of time:

  • Unplug small appliances and electronic devices
  • Put the water heater in “vacation” mode
  • Turn off water valves to the dishwasher, washing machine and all sinks 
  • Set your thermostat to a temperature closer to outside temps (warmer in the summer, cooler in the winter) but which still protects your plants, pets and furniture 


planning a summer vacation


The experts in the travel industry agree, it pays to take measures to make your home look occupied.  Here’s a few steps that can help keep away unwanted attention from burglars:

  • Make your house look lived-in
  • Stop the newspaper and mail
  • Park your cars inside the garage
  • Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway every few days so there is activity at your house.
  • Put at least one light on a timer to simulate occupancy
  • Install a motion-activated sensor on an outdoor floodlight to discourage burglars
  • Cut your grass before leaving; if you’ll be gone long, make arrangements for your lawn to be trimmed while away


how to plan a summer vacation


Here’s a few more things you might want to do before heading out of town on vacation:

  • Notify your credit card company and home security company that you’ll be out of town  
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly 
  • Leave your emergency contact information with a neighbor 
  • Dispose of any food that could go bad before you return from vacation 
  • Take out the kitchen trash – especially anything that might start to stink 
  • Run your garbage disposal with a half-cup of vinegar and some water 


Following these simple vacation home preparation tips could save you a big headache while you’re on your trip.

But don’t forget that something can still go awry at home. With that in mind, I’ve included a place on my Vacation Home Prep Planner to add your insurance agent’s information and your policy number.  Better prepared than panicking if you have a problem at home.  This way you can easily get in touch with your insurance company and deal with the issue right from your hotel room.  Now that’s how you plan a Summer vacation!


how to build the perfect toiletry bag

If you want some guidance on how to put together a fabulous toiletry bag with all the essentials, then click on the link below.   It will really help you plan a Summer vacation that’s much less stressful!




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