How clever are you, making your own heart envelopes for Valentine’s Day?  

heart envelope project


Aren’t these the most adorable little Heart Envelope Valentines?  I was thinking about how we would always buy those sets of Valentine’s Day cards and give them to each student in our class.  They were all kinds of shapes, but they were always small enough to tuck one in a backpack or lunch bag.

That thought gave me the idea to create a set of  custom Valentine’s Day cards.  I would make them small enough to fit into a “hand-made” envelope that starts in the shape of a heart! 

I had seen a few versions done in the past, and thought, I can do that.  But, mine would add some BLING to the project by including CUT OUT patterns to decorate the envelopes.

Then I created three matching Valentine cards that are perfect for sweetening!  Try adding specialty Valentine’s Day candies to each for a little extra “bling”!


heart envelope project

As you can see, I made two sizes of each pattern to enable you to make “shadow” images with solid and printed paper combinations.  

You can use any kind of papers you like, but you’ll find that thinner papers are a bit easier to work with. 

I experimented with all kinds of papers for this heart envelope project, including:

  • Craft and construction paper
  • Scrapbooking sheets
  • Corrugated papers (like corrugated cardboard boxes)
  • 60 lb. card stock
  • Homemade papers (many were too thick for great results)


heart envelope project metallic gold version


Once I got started choosing different papers for this Heart Envelope Project, I just couldn’t stop!  It’s true that thicker papers were tough to get perfectly folded, but I couldn’t resist this metallic corrugated paper!  

I wanted to make an envelope that looked like a New Year’s Eve clutch, and here’s what I ended up with!  The bow tie is cut from a black velvet paper and added to the front, while the back is “sealed” with a medallion cut from another specialty card stock. 

NAN’S TIP:  Lightly “score” the fold lines with a craft blade to make crisp lines before folding.


heart envelope project graphic


Like this – It’s just a matter of using my Heart Envelope Template to fold your beautiful heart cut-outs! 

  • Download the Heart Envelope & Candy Valentine’s Cards PDF from the IFAFL Subscribers Resource Library
  • Print all pages of PDF; cut out all templates you want to use
  • Pre-fold the printed heart template along the dotted lines
  • Place the template on top of your heart cut-out and fold, following the order printed on the template
  • Remove template and crease lines of your folded heart well; refold in correct order
  • Use a glue stick to glue side folds together to make envelope.  BE SURE NOT TO GLUE THE ENVELOPE’S EDGES TO THE BACK, OR YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO PUT ANYTHING INSIDE!


heart envelope project in various pink printed papers

CANDY VALENTINE’S CARDS – The perfect size for your heart envelopes!

Candy Valentine's Cards pdfI can’t promise that you won’t get a little crazy once you start making your Heart Envelopes!  But I do know that you’ll need a cute Valentine to put inside!  

What a fun way to celebrate the holiday, especially if you add a little sweet in the package for your sweetheart!  I found lots of fun shapes and sizes of candies that you can go crazy with if you want.  The grocer’s aisles are filled with fabulous choices.

I made three different designs of Valentines to choose from.  Or, you can print several copies so you can show all your friends and family a little love this Valentine’s Day!

I’ll tell you how to get your own printable Candy Valentine’s Cards and Heart Envelope PDF a little later in this post.



It’s so gratifying when you get an idea inside your head and when you’re finished, it actually turns out better than you hoped!  That’s exactly what happened this time around, and it’s a great feeling.

Creativity can be a very powerful emotion when it’s coursing through your body at lightening speed.  Why not have some fun choosing a few fabulous papers, mixing and matching as you go along. 

This is a really creative and satisfying craft project that ends with the perfect gift for any time of year!


heart envelope project with candy valentine's cards


And don’t forget to get your copy of my HEART ENVELOPE PROJECT & CANDY VALENTINE’S CARDS PDF!



I’ve created some more really special Valentine’s Day printables and recipes to help you celebrate your day of romance too!

valentine's day love tokens and gift tags

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  • VALENTINE’S GIFT TAGSIf you’re so inclined, you can give your sweetie a gift and use one of these very special gift tags to say I LOVE YOU!
  • FANCY VALENTINE’S CANDY HEARTS One creative and fun afternoon will net you a whole bunch of fabulously gorgeous candies to thrill your Valentine


valentine's breakfast in bed

  • Valentine’s Breakfast in Bed – Spend Valentine’s Day morning in bed enjoying these 3 fabulous recipes!  DOUBLE RASPEBERRY CHAMPAGNE COCKTAILS – SPANISH BAKED EGGS WITH CAYENNE CANDIED HAM & TROPICAL FRUITS IN CARDAMOM SPICED SYRUP


chocolate dipped glitter heart cake in valentine's mug

  • Chocolate Dipped Glitter HeartsThese luscious chocolate tea cakes have a surprise raspberry filling buried inside a layer of dense and decadent chocolate ganache.  Adding a sprinkling of edible glitter make these adorable cakes an extra special holiday dessert.


romantic tapas for two

  • Romantic Tapas for Two – Take your sweetheart on a trip to the Mediterranean this Valentine’s with this Romantic Tapas menu – SPANISH CHORIZE & SHALLOTS IN RED WINE – CHILLED MUSSELS IN TANGY VINAIGRETTE – TAPAS GARLIC TOASTS WITH ASST. TOPPINGS & SPANISH PATATAS BRAVAS!


pink panna cotta for valentine's day dessert



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