The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s 2022 Hannukah Holiday Planner is a fabulous tool to have handy when planning your whole holiday, from gifts to food!

2022 Hannukah holiday planner

2022 HANNUKAH HOLIDAY PLANNER – Your Comprehensive Holiday Planning Tool

The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s 2022 Hannukah Holiday Planner will be an absolutely invaluable help to you while planning your Hannukah week celebrations.

From holiday baking and 8 nights of menus to gift giving and tablescapes, our Hannukah Holiday Planner has it all! And if you’re planning on hosting your own Hannukah Party this holiday season, we’ve got you covered!

Included in your holiday planner is a Custom Hannukah Party Invitation and all the planning pages necessary to pull off an amazing soiree. Maybe you’ll have your own Hannukah party this year too!

And while you’re planning your holiday meals, check out my favorite recipes for GOURMET LAKTES later in this post too!



how to celebrate hannukah instruction sheets

But just like those Ronco commercials we all remember, That’s Not All!  Our planner also contains the essentials every Jewish family needs to celebrate Hanukkah with the proper blessings and candle lighting order.  You have to start somewhere, and our Hannukkah Holiday Planner is a great place to begin.

But, I didn’t stop there!  Come see exactly what’s inside this fabulous holiday planner and how it can help you keep your sanity and hair this Hannukah!


HANNUKAH HOLIDAY PLANNER – A Holiday Hostess Helper 

When it comes time to begin planning for Hannukah, some gals start to get a little tense.  And thenHannukah baking planner there’s those that glide through the holidays with yummy hors d’oeuvres tucked in their freezers to serve after a rousing game of Dreidel! 

What’s the real difference between these two women?  Having a plan of action, and the tools you need to get you to the finish line.  Can you spell O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-D?

That’s where my Hannukah Holiday Planner can help you in more ways than you ever thought possible!

Here’s how you’ll organize your holiday baking before Hannukah begins – with the November  and December Hannukah Baking Prep Schedule calendar planner pages.

When the holiday draws near, no worries, your holiday goodies will be tucked away in the freezer or packaged up and ready to be given to friends and family!

Can you see how the planning and execution gets so much easier when you have the right tools at your disposal?



When you use a holiday planning tool correctly, it can make a huge difference in how yourHannukah tablescape planner holiday season plays out.  

I spent my college years with a serious love of everything Martha Stewart.  The only difference was, I was a penniless student attempting to learn how to live stylishly and with Martha’s passion. 

By 1982, when her seminal work “Entertaining” came out, I was a young bride with a love for entertaining at home.  And when it came to the holiday season, I became an absolute whirling dervish of activity. I wanted to do it all!   

Despite trying to make lists (which I am quite fond of doing!) and organize my time wisely, I’d end up burned out. But that’s all changed!

When I hung up my apron and retired from professional catering a few years back, I finally got smart.

I decided to employ the same planning and organizational systems I used so successfully as an off-premise caterer, but at home. 



When it comes to keeping organized and having a complete plan for the holiday’s many tasks, thisHannukah meal planning pages planner does it all!  The 2022 Hanukkah Holiday Planner includes 36 instructional and planning pages.  I know, it sounds like A LOT!

Don’t forget that includes menu plans for all 8 nights of Hannukah.  

This is exactly how you’ll stay organized and on-task throughout the holiday season.  

All the different tools I’ve created within my Hannukah Holiday Planner will help you organize your holiday tasks, shopping and scheduling.

You can be assured that nothing important to your weeklong celebration will fall through the cracks!  




Hannukah breakfast planning pagesSince Hannukah overlaps with the Christmas holiday break this year, it’s likely your children or grandkids will be hanging around the house this year. 

And that’s exactly why this year’s Hannukah Planner includes a Breakfast Planner for the whole week. 

I’ve also tucked in a few recipe cards for “Gourmet Chremslach” to help you get started planning your holiday week breakfasts.

If you print the recipe page on a sheet of heavy cardstock, you’ll be able to cut them out and file they away in your recipe box.

They’re also a perfect morning treat during Passover, when bread is forbidden, so you won’t want to lose them.



This is the year to plan your most fabulous Hannukah week celebrations ever! 

The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s 2022 Hannukah Holiday Planner is chock-full of planning pages, worksheets and scheduling calendars that will help you plan every aspect of your holiday week.  Let’s see what’s inside:

  • Blessings over the Menorah
  • Menorah Nightly Lighting Instruction Sheet
  • Hannukah Celebration Songs
  • How to Play the Dreidel Game
  • November Holiday Baking & Dessert Schedule Calendar
  • December Holiday Baking & Dessert Schedule Calendar
  • December Hannukah Meal Schedule Calendar
  • Hannukah Dessert Recipe Worksheets (2)Hannukah party planners
  • Desserts Grocery List
  • Gourmet Matzo Pancake Recipe Card Trio
  • Hannukah Week Breakfast Planner
  • December Hannukah Menu Prep Schedule Calendar
  • 8 Nights of Hannukah Menu Planner (2)
  • Hannukah Menu Recipe Worksheets (2)
  • Hannukah Menus Grocery List
  • 8 Nights of Hannukah Menu & Prep Lists (8)
  • Hannukah Tablescape Planner
  • Hannukah Entertaining Essentials Purchase Log
  • Holiday Card Recording Keeping Sheet
  • Gift Giving Planner
  • Online Shopping Tracker
  • Hannukah Party Invitation
  • Party Invite Checklist
  • Hannukah Party Menu Worksheet
  • Party Tablescape Planner
  • Hannukah Master To-Do List


So, now you can see just how valuable a holiday planning tool this really is!  I’m even making sure you don’t lose track of your online Hannukah shopping!  It’s so easy to get confused when you’re buying lots of presents from online catalogs and stores. 

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2022 Hannukah holiday planner sampler pages

I’ve put together a mini “Hannukah Holiday Planner Sampler” as a gift to my loyal IFAFL subscribers. I wanted to give you a taste of how powerful a holiday planner can be when pulling together a big holiday celebration like Hannukah.

With your 2022 Hannukah Holiday Planner Sampler, you’ll be well on your way to deciding, planning and scheduling your holiday baking and dessert making.  What a great start to your perfectly planned holiday!

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I hope you enjoy using your “freebie sampler pages” and will decided that you want TO DO IT ALL, using the LIFESTYLE DIVA SHOPPE AT ETSY’S 2022 Hannukah Holiday Planner!

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Now I’m going to show you how a Polish gal from Pennsylvania does latkes!  I grew up eating “potato pancakes” on Fridays during Lent as a Roman-Catholic.  I call them “latkes” now, since I converted to Judaism over 20 years ago when my boys were young.


GOURMET LATKES – The Best You’ll Ever Serve (and the prettiest!)

gourmet latkes with fancy topping and new year's eve props

Gourmet Latkes are a fabulous appetizer choice for the holiday season.  I love serving them for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah with sour cream and apple sauce.  Absolutely delicious!

But for New Year’s Eve, I adore getting them all “dolled up” to greet the new year with style and panache!  Simply divine!  They’re so versatile, this recipe for gourmet latkes does both deliciously.

 I’m sharing 3 of my favorite versions of gourmet latkes with you.  The first uses, of course, the potato!  The second is a wonderfully colorful zucchini version for the holidays.  It incorporates both yellow and red bell pepper, red onion and cumin for a delicious crispy appetizer fritter.


gourmet latkes with topping ingredients

The third gourmet latke recipe is a riff on one we used for catering years ago.  It came from one of Martha Stewart’s first cookbooks when she still catered herself.

It’s a Parsnip-Apple-Onion-Carrot fritter that’s sweet and savory all at once.  Both parsnips and carrots have plenty of sugars that brown and sweeten when cooked.  Adding tart granny smith apple and onion to the combo makes it just perfect for a petite-appetizer-sized gourmet latke. 

And if you want to experience gourmet garnish overload, then wait until you see the fabulous ones I’ve suggested!

All three of these fritters make perfect gourmet latkes for Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve.

Click here to get the recipes for 3 Gourmet Latkes for Hanukkah & New Year’s Eve Appetizers  

UPDATED 11/10/22


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