2021 Hanukkah Holiday Buying Guide

HANUKKAH HOLIDAY BUYING GUIDE – Nan’s Fab Finds For Hanukkah 2021

I’ve done hours of searching the finest retailers for their newest and most fabulous Hanukkah products.  My 2021 HANUKKAH HOLIDAY BUYING GUIDE is the culmination of all that painstaking research.  Wait until I show you what I’ve found for your Hanukkah celebration this year!

Plus, here’s a few Hanukkah Holiday Printables available in the IFAFL Subscriber’s Resource Library for your celebration too. Just click on the image to read the related post and get your own copies.

And, at the end of this post, I’ll tell you how to get a copy of my 2021 Hanukkah Holiday Planner PDF!



The 2021 Hanukkah Holiday Buying Guide is here!

When the holiday season comes rolling around, I start to think about how I’m going to make this year’s 8 Nights of  Hanukkah special.

And that usually means adding a few choice items to my Hanukkah collection of decorations and entertaining supplies. Plus, there are lots gift items to consider too.  But that means hours of searching for the newest and most fabulous Hanukkah products and merchandise.

So I figured I’d share all my Hanukkah FAB FINDS with you, because it’s actually a labor of love for me as a former professional caterer.

My catering inventory of holiday entertaining supplies was staggering, to say the least. Buying a dozen new holiday platters or serving bowls was the norm back then. 

Now, I keep my eyes peeled for that ONE, very special platter or bowl instead.  And guess who benefits too?  You, my wonderful readers!  I’m thrilled to do all the legwork for you, I just adore window shopping.

Now, let’s hit the stores and see what I’ve found, shall we?



I’m personally blessed to have received a lovely “one-of-a-kind” Menorah from Israel for my wedding 40 years ago.  It’s had some bumps and bruises along the way, but it’s still our family’s “first” menorah.

As I’m sure you have too, we’ve acquired a few more along the way, either through a purchase or one passed down to us by a loved one.  But I’m always checking out what’s out there and love to decide whether this is the year I’ll add another to our collection.  

You’ll find a few of my favorites, along with some general items to help you celebrate Hanukkah this year. I couldn’t resist the “My First Hanukkah” Velour Dress.  Wish I had a little girl in the family to give it to.  Two sons, no wives or kids… Yet!



Aren’t these Italian stemless wine glasses from Bed, Bath and Beyond adorable? 

I couldn’t resist the “bubelah” and “oy vey” etched glassware while shopping around.  They’re perfect conversation starters at parties and will add a lovely holiday touch to your festivities.

Aprons are something I use all year long, but I especially like to have a clean holiday apron to use when needed after my guests arrive.  I can be a bit of a klutz, so wearing a lovely apron keeps my outfit safe from myself!

Now it’s time to create your Hanukkah Celebration tablecape!  



While I admit I still own a rather large selection of holiday tablecloths and napkins from my catering days, I’m a sucker for placemats. And table runners…  (okay, I love them all!)

When I found these rhinestone Star of David placemats at Overstock, I was enthralled.  They’re a fabulous way to add some “dazzle” to your Hanukkah tablescape without overwhelming your individual table settings.  And what about that beautiful personalized table runner?  Hmm… I don’t own one yet.  It just made my “wish list”!

Gorgeous stuff, am I right?  Next, one of my favorite lines of serveware put together a lovely selection of Hanukkah items this year.




The Godinger Company has an expansive array of serveware available all year long, but around the holidays, they outdo themselves! 

I really like the modern-vibe of the three-tiered server, don’t you?  I can think of lots of ways to incorporate it into my holiday menu plans.  Dessert anyone?

The next Hanukkah Entertaining Collection is a bit more formal, but it’s what you want and expect from a fabulous maker such as Spode.



This is a dangerous section for me.  I’m of the school-of-thought that says, “buy matching pieces at the same time, as you’ll never find them again”.  Ditto with my wardrobe!  Matching a specific shade can prove a daunting and sometimes fruitless endeavor.  So, I’ve learned, just get it now!

As you can imagine, I’ve got several of these beautiful pieces on my “wish list” this year.  The candlesticks will have to wait.  Perhaps for Passover?  What pieces are on your “need to have” list?  Let us know in the comments section below!  



I couldn’t resist adding a few fun Hanukkah foods, and even some jammies and socks too!  I’m seriously thinking of ordering those Oreos, they look too yummy for words, don’t they?  Why make them when they’re so easy to order!

But, if you’re in the mood to make some fabulous Hanukkah foods this year, I’ve got a festive Middle Eastern Hanukkah Celebration Feast that features 6 delicious recipes.


middle eastern hanukkah celebration feast


If you’re like me, I enjoy “mixing it up” a little during Hanukkah week. Why not serve a Middle Eastern Hanukkah Celebration Feast for one of your nightly celebratory meals? 

This delicious menu features 6 different Middle Eastern treats that combine to make a fabulous Hanukkah buffet. 

And what will be on the menu for your Middle Eastern Hanukkah Celebration Feast?


It’s a fabulous grazing menu that’s perfect for any one of your 8 Nights of Hanukkah dinners.  And don’t forget to download your 8 Nights of Hanukkah Countdown Treat Bag Stickers too!

It’s going to be a fabulous Hanukkah this year, isn’t it?  But, how are you going to plan it all?

No worries!  You’ll have my 2021 Hanukkah Holiday Planner to help do it all!  Here’s how to get your copy right now.


eight nights of hanukkah count down bags



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