hanukkah candlelight yard sign


With Hanukkah just around the corner, I wanted to create a festive DIY project to add some fun to your outdoor holiday decorations.   Several years ago I had admired an “over-the-top” Hanukkah decorated home in Palm Springs, and tucked away the idea of making a HANUKKAH CANDLELIGHT YARD SIGN.

While the lovely sign I admired was store-bought, I’m always saying to myself, “I can make that!”.  Are you that kind of person too?

So I set out to create my very own Hanukkah Candlelight Yard Sign that would give a festive glow outside my home. I’ll show you how to make your own yard sign with step-by-step pics and instructions.

I’ve also included a resource section to help you assemble all the supplies you’ll need to make your own yard sign.

And if you’ve been wondering how you’ll get all your holiday tasks and planning done, I’ll tell you all about the 2021 HANUKKAH HOLIDAY PLANNER that’s come to be a holiday-must-have for my 8 Nights of Hanukkah Celebrations.

First, let’s look at what supplies you’ll need to make your yard sign.


hanukkah candlelight yard sign


  • PRINTED IFAFL Hanukkah Yard Sign Printable Signs 
  • Scissors
  • Foam Core Board
  • Straight Edge Knife
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • 2 – 36” Wood Landscape Stakes
  • Blue Craft Paint
  • Decorative Cording or Twine
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Marker/Pencil
  • Skewer or Awl to make holes in foam core board
  • Orange or Red Mini LED Light Set


Check out the RESOURCE SECTION, order what you need and then let’s get started making your Hanukkah Candlelight Yard Sign.



Okay, now that you have your project supplies tackled, first things first.  Head to the IFAFL Subscriber’s Resource Library to download your own copy of the Hanukkah Yard Sign PDF.

hanukkah yard sign


  • Print all the pages of the PDF on heavy white cardstock for best results
  • Cut out all the printed signs and hangers from the Hanukkah Yard Sign PDF
  • Tape together the two sides of the menorah along the back seam
  • Trace outlines of each sign and hanger onto a piece of foam core board


NAN’S TIP:  I printed out a black and white copy of the signs to be used as the stencils for my backer boards.  I didn’t want to damage or write on any of my color signage!

components to make hanukkah candlelight yard sign


  • With a straight-edge knife, cut out backer boards for each of your signs and hangers
  • Use a hot glue gun to adhere the backer boards to your signs and hangers
  • Glue hanging dreidel and gelt cutouts on both sides of backer boards to make two-sided hanging elements (fronts and backs)
  • Trim backer boards as needed


assembling hanukkah candlelight yard sign


  • Cut three 6 inch lengths of cording
  • Tie knots in each end to keep from fraying
  • Hot glue cording piece to back of gelt


gluing parts on hanukkah yard sign


  • Insert cording between the two-sided dreidel wooden handles
  • Hot glue end of cord at least a half-inch deep into handle space
  • Hold two sides together until the glue is completely set
  • Glue all the signs and hangers into their positions on the yard stake (including Star of David and non-hanging dreidel)


hanukkah yard sign assembly process


This is where making a black and white version of the cutouts really pays off.  You’ll use the black and white menorah to align and make the holes into the foam board.

The process will make the holes messy, so it’s best to not use your final color menorah for this part of the project. 

  • Line up the color and black/white menorah cutouts (this will give you an identical set of holes in the candles)
  • Make a hole into the center of each candle flame with a dowel, scissors or straight edge 
  • Place the black/white menorah over its backer board (tape in place if needed)
  • Push holes through menorah candle flame holes into backer board using a dowel (make holes large enough to push your light bulbs through)


menorah topper for hanukkah candlelight yard sign


  • Using the end of a screwdriver handle or similarly sized item,  flatten each hole in the menorah backer board (the thickness doesn’t allow the lights to come out far enough otherwise)
  • Clean up the holes after compressing the foam board and make sure each one is large enough to accommodate your light bulbs


gluing together menorah topper for yard sign


  • To make gluing the color menorah cutout to the backer board easier, place dowels into the center and two end holes of the back board (I actually used short, thick appetizer skewers!)
  • Slide the color menorah onto the dowels, lining up the two pieces for gluing
  • Using hot glue (recommended) or a very thin coat of glue, adhere the two pieces together; let dry overnight, face up, weighted down to keep from warping (cover with white paper to protect the printed surface)


preparing to add lights to hanukkah candlelight yard sign


When you’re installing the lights, it’s easier if  you raise the yard sign off the work surface. 

I placed a second yard sign stake under my painted one to lift it further off the table.   Then I put the menorah, face down on the stake in the position it will be in when finished.

This allowed me to see where the battery box would be positioned.  Speaking of which, don’t forget to put the batteries into the power box before it’s attached to the menorah’s back side!


installing lights into menorah for yard sign


  • Pull out 12 light bulbs from the string
  • Align the first eight bulbs with the holes and push them through to the other side
  • Use a glue gun, working on one at a time, make a circle of glue around each bulb’s base; hold each light bulb straight until the glue has set


back of menorah with lights attached


  • Use a twist-tie to bundle remainder of light string; position in center of menorah’s back side
  • Place the menorah into it’s gluing position, about 1 1/2 inches above the Happy Hanukkah sign
  • Position power box so that the “ON” button is on top (test lights at this point to make sure they work)
  • Make sure that the box does not encroach into the area where the menorah will be attached to the stake
  • Using masking tape, attach both the light string and power box as shown in the image above


hannukah candlelight yard signs by fence

Place your finished Hanukkah Candlelight Yard Sign in a prominent place outside your home.

Come sundown, click on the lights, and let your Hanukkah holiday spirit shine brightly!


Want some help planning your 8 Nights of Hanukkah Celebration?  I’ve got just what you need to help to plan a fabulous Hanukkah for your family and friends this year. 



This 2021 Hanukkah Holiday Planner doesn’t just cover your holiday meal planning, baking and gift giving!  It also contains the essentials every Jewish family needs to celebrate Hanukkah with the proper blessings and candle lighting order.  You have to start somewhere, and my Hanukkah Holiday Planner is a great place to begin.


blessings candle lighting and songs for hanukkah

When it comes to keeping organized and having a complete plan for Hanukkah’s many tasks, this planner does it all!  The 2021 Hanukkah Holiday Planner includes 32 instructional and planning pages.  I know, it sounds like A LOT!

But you must remember there are 8 nights of Hanukkah to plan for.  That means that 16 of the pages are just the Hanukkah Dinner Menu Planners & Prep Lists!  Don’t start making excuses, you’ll have enough ink, I pinky promise!  This is exactly how you’ll stay organized and on-task throughout the holiday season.  

All the different tools I’ve created within my Hanukkah Holiday Planner will help you organize your holiday tasks, shopping and schedulingYou can be assured that nothing important to your weeklong celebration will fall through the cracks!

  hanukkah holiday planner pages

So, now you can see just how valuable a holiday planning tool this really is!  I’m even making sure you don’t lose track of your online Hanukkah shopping!  It’s so easy to get confused when you’re buying lots of presents from online catalogs and stores. 

Just download and print the FREE PDF, and I predict a much less stressful holiday season than you’ve had in the past!  I’ll tell you a little later how to get your own Hanukkah Holiday Planner!



Just click on the image of the item to get all the details and purchase what you’ll need for your Hanukkah Candlelight Yard Sign project.  




dried fruit and nut balls hanukkah camel poopHanukkah Camel “Poop” – Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit and Nut Balls


Hanukkah Holiday Buying Guide


Middle Eastern Hanukkah Celebration Feast


Hanukkah Guest Menu and Place Cards


Hanukkah Holiday Planner and Gourmet Latkes



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