Fall’s harvest of fresh figs never ceases to entice me to create new fresh fig recipes!  Their sweet and juicy flesh is at much home in a sassy cocktail or dessert as they are in savory offerings like Autumn salads and tempting appetizers.  

fresh fig recipes and how to store fresh figs


I’m so excited to share my newest fresh fig recipes for this Fall’s crop! We’re going to talk about how to store fresh figs and see how they’re harvested in California too. So let’s dive right in.

Fresh figs are an incredible seasonal treat, both in Spring and Fall, but don’t last more than a week after harvesting. Subsequently, most of the world’s fig crops are sold in dried form, allowing for long-term storage and enjoying all year long.

These days almost all commercially grown figs we consume come from California.  Fig trees enjoy long and dry summers, maturing their fruit anywhere from May through September, depending on the variety.

The most common varieties of fresh figs are Black Mission or Brown Turkey (black/purple skin with pink flesh), Kadota (green-yellow skin with a purple flesh) and Calimyrna (bigger greenish-yellow fruit).  


varieties of fresh figs on board


First, select fresh figs that are clean, dry and have no stickiness on their smooth, unblemished skins. The fruits should be somewhat soft and yield gently to the touch.

If they seem a bit on the mushy side, move on.  Take a moment to sniff the figs, they should give off a slightly sweet smell, but not sour. When fresh figs are past their prime they will begin to ferment and start to deteriate from within, so choose carefully. 

It’s important to keep fresh figs cold to slow deterioration and fermentation. Plan to use your fresh figs soon after purchasing and store them in a plastic bag in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.

If you bought nice, fresh figs, they’ll usually last 3-4 days before starting to go downhill.  You can freeze fresh figs if you wish too.  Just cut them in half and store in a tightly covered plastic container for up to 6 months. Simply defrost before using them in your favorite cooked recipe.



Thanks so much to the Specialty Crop Company in Madera, California  for this great video showing how fresh figs are harvested.

You’ll see how they hand-harvest their delicate fresh figs in buckets, then take them to an “in-field” packing shed for packaging and transport.  Let’s watch…

Wow, how cool is that!  Even though I’m only a bit over 5 feet tall, I’d still give it a go if I had the opportunity! 

Okay, now it’s time to share my newest fresh fig recipes for your Fall menus. I hope to tantalize your taste buds to try them while fresh figs are still available to enjoy.


fresh fig recipes

FRESH FIG RECIPES – How Do You Love Them?

Fresh fig recipes are an incredible addition to our family’s menu repertoire each year.  I’m especially fond of baking them into sweet treats or cooking them down into a decadent spread to use all season.

A lovely gal I know has the good fortune of having her own fig tree growing on her Western North Carolina farm.  I’m so jealous, but I know that one won’t grow at my 4500 feet above-sea-level home, despite our not living that far from each other geographically.

Vicki is a popular local author of regional novels and is quite the cook in her own right. Since fig trees don’t ripen their fruit simultaneously, she says she rarely has enough for a large recipe.

She’s especially fond of eating fresh figs out-of-hand or wrapped in prosciutto for a delicious light lunch or appetizer. I can’t argue with her on that!


fresh figs on the tree

FRESH FIG RECIPES – From Cocktails to Dessert

My turn! A few weeks ago I scored almost 3 pounds of fresh Brown Turkey figs from my local greengrocer. Needless to say I was in seventh-heaven on my way home, thinking of all the delicious things I could make with my booty.

Here’s what’s on the menu of fresh fig recipes this week:

Fresh Figgy Sour Cocktails

Sweet Ricotta and Fresh Fig Appetizer

Fresh Fig and Arugula Salad

Caramelized Balsamic Fresh Fig Topping


How does that look for a nice selection of Fall recipes using incredibly fresh and juicy fresh figs?



fresh figgy sour cocktail

First up is my sweet, sassy and totally fabulous Fresh Figgy Sour Cocktail, perfect for dreamy Spring days or crisp Fall evenings.

Starting with a rosemary and vanilla-infused fig puree as the base with a few splashes of sour mix. Then the drink is finished with a shot of cognac or brandy and some ice for a perfect combination.

Jusk click this link for the recipe post:  FRESH FIGGY SOUR COCKTAIL



sweet ricotta and fresh fig appetizer

Sweet Ricotta & Fresh Fig Appetizer is perfect in both the Spring and Fall when fresh figs are ripe and plentiful.

Drizzled with honey and a few grinds of fresh black pepper, whipped ricotta makes a delightful base for sweet fresh figs, cubes of savory gorgonzola cheese, and a final flourish of crispy fried sage leaves.

Click here to read the recipe post:  SWEET RICOTTA AND FRESH FIG APPETIZER



fresh fig and arugula salad

This Fresh Fig and Arugula Salad’s beautiful array of colors come from the best of the Fall season’s ingredients.

Juicy fresh figs, crisp fennel and sweet potato “chips” make lovely toppings for a bed of bitter arugula.  Top it all off with crispy chunks of fried pancetta and some cubes of gorgonzola for an incredible Fall salad.

Just click here to get this fabulous recipe: FRESH FIG AND ARUGULA SALAD



caramelized balsamic fresh fig topping

Caramelized Balsamic Fresh Fig Topping is sophisticated and complex and takes everything it touches to the next level of yum! 

Plump, fresh figs, brown sugar and a touch of orange juice are cooked down into a caramelized delight.  Then a splash of balsamic lends a depth of flavor that makes this topping extra special on ice cream, cakes, or even blended into a milkshake!

Click here to snag this delicious recipe:  CARAMELIZED BALSAMIC FRESH FIG TOPPING

I hope I’ve tempted you to take a closer look at all of these fabulously delicious fresh fig recipes. Now that you know exactly how to store fresh figs too, you’re all set to try some recipes using fresh figs this season.


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