The Fairies in the Forest Moss Framed Menu is part of the “FAIRIES IN THE FOREST TWILIGHT SOIREE” THEME PARTY.  You can read the party master post by clicking this link:  Fairies in the Forest Twilight Soiree Theme Party   (more details are at the end of this post!)



Why not try making a moss covered photo frame menu for your next party?  It’s a fun and fast moss craft project that will make a huge impact on your party’s buffet table!

Once I was inspired, I went a little crazy designing my Fairies in the Forest Twilight Soiree.  I ended up deciding to handcraft most of the party’s decor from scratch!  Not my usual M.O.  But, this moss covered photo frame is so fast and simple, it was an easy decision. 

High in the mountains of Western North Carolina, it tends to create its own weather here.  Frequent rain throughout the year makes it an ideal environment for many different varieties of moss to grow, everywhere.

In fact, it’s so prolific, it even grows on the edges of my driveway.  Yikes!  That’s my ever-present companion, April, who rarely misses an opportunity to get in on one of my photo shoots!

moss growing on driveway with boston terrier sniffing at it

I started foraging and harvesting moss, bark and pretty much anything that struck my fancy a few months after we downsized to this house. 

I’ve figured out how to cover almost everything in my house with moss, well almost everything.  H.H. (hunky husband) remains moss-less. (he’s still got lots of hair!)   



As a former professional caterer, I’ve used framed menus on buffets for lots of parties and weddings through the years.  It always lends a nice touch to let guests know exactly what they’re eating. (if a menu item contains allergy-prone ingredients, I note that too)

But I’m going to come clean on how I started using framed menus in the first place.  It grew tiresome hearing my waiters complain they were asked what they were serving a zillion times each party.  It just made sense to put the menu at the start of a buffet line to stop the dreaded question.

So covering a frame with moss and adding a few finishing touches of dried rose hips and buds seemed like a no-brainer for this party.  



moss-and-pineconesIf you don’t have a moss store outside your doorstep like I do, there are lots of beautiful varieties available for purchase.

I’ve scoured the internet and retail stores and found plenty of resources to locate the perfect moss for any project you might fancy creating.  There are even a few specialty websites that have really cool moss varieties, but they come with a hefty price tag too.  

If you have a very special project for a special occasion like a wedding, they might be a great choice. Otherwise, I’d start my hunt at Michael’s Craft Stores or Amazon to save lots of time.

Don’t forget, you can use more than one type of moss.  Especially if you’ll be using the remainder for some of the other craft projects for your own Fairies in the Forest party. 



jennifer maker's crafting website pictureI think of myself as a “crafty-dabbler”, rather than an expert “maker”.  I can’t conjure up a craft project at a moment’s notice.  That person has a craft room filled with every item they may need, I do not.

When we downsized, I had to give up my crafting alcove.  So now, my dining room table sees most of my crafting action.  It works for me.

I do, however, idolize a few expert makers out there, that are incredibly creative and proficient in their skill sets.  One such gal is Jennifer Marks, who is an extreme version of an “expert maker”.

She’s worth checking out. You can find her at Jennifer Marks, Craft A Life You Love.    I always try to pass along helpful tips and resources, and this is one of them!  

However, we don’t need to be a Jennifer to make a Fairies in the Forest Twilight Soiree Moss Framed Menu!  It’s a craft project that requires very little skill, and can be done in an evening while you’re watching The Bachelor or a Hallmark movie.  



While you’re at it, why not make one for your sister or Mom?  Or, of course, once your Fairies in the Forest party is over, youfairies in the forest twilight soiree moss and rose petal embellished framed menu can always tuck it away to have when you need a nice gift in a hurry.

I usually take my own advice, and have two more frames waiting in the wings for Christmas and a friend’s birthday. Once you have the supplies out and the mess already made, why not?



While having said that this project is a simple one, you do need to take heed of a few tips before diving in, feet first!

  • Moss is messy!  Some varieties still have some earth (read, DIRT) attached, especially if you forage for your own outdoors.  
  • Use a 1″ craft paint brush to remove as much of the remaining soil as possible. 
  • Pour your glue into a shallow container so you can “dip” the moss into the adhesive.
  • Wood frames with sides 1 inch or wider are the best to use for this type of project. (you can you a metal frame, but it doesn’t work quite as well)
  • Make small “bundles” of moss that can be dipped and applied to the surface of the frame.
  • Start with the frame lying on a flat surface, face down. Apply moss bundles along with lower edge of the frame first. Give the moss about 10 minutes for the glue to set before turning “right-side-up”.
  • Continue adding bundles of moss to the remainder of the frame.  Since some varieties of moss are “bushy”, you may need to trim back some pieces to make the printed menu completely visible.moss covered photo frame craft project supplies


You can see this is a project that goes fast once you have all the supplies ready.



When I dug out my Aleene’s Tacky Glue, it got me wondering what ever happened to she and her two crafty daughters. (I’m showing my age, aren’t I?)

They used to be the queens of crafting on television back in the 1990’s.  The Aleene’s Creative Living show ran for 15 years on TLC, Lifetime and the TNN networks.  As a young mom, I watched them religiously.

I asked Mr. Google and found out the family business closed in 2000, but their brand and products live on.  The crafting world can still enjoy Aleene’s product line under the auspices of iLovetoCreate, a Duncan Enterprises Company.  These days her two daughters follow in her footsteps and are crafting on the web.

Aleene Jackson died in 2015 at the ripe old age of 91.  Mystery solved!

So gather up your supplies, grab yourself a nice cold raspberry iced tea, and let’s get this project started!   Oh wait, I’ll be right with you, I can’t find the television remote…

BUT FIRST, LET’S CHECK OUT THE REST OF THE PARTY!   (your printable moss framed menu project card is at the end of this post)


fairies in the forest twilight soiree purple themed seating tables with floral chandelier


You’ll want to check out the rest of the “end-of-the-Summer” soiree posts too.  It’s a fabulous way to celebrate a magical “fairy-like” evening with friends and family. 

Here’s what you’ll find waiting for you:

  • Full menu – Signature Cocktail/2 Appetizers/Cold Buffet/Cake & Ice Cream Dessertfaires in the forest twilight soiree printable invitation with mushroom in forest
  • 3 Fairies in the Forest themed Printable Invitation Designs to choose from
  • Table Centerpiece, Napkins and Table Runner DIY Projects
  • Fairy Lite Blossom Chandelier DIY Project
  • Guest Take-Home Party Favors
  • Party and Buffet Building Tips/Hacks
  • Complete Party Planner


Click here to go to the Master Party Post:  Fairies in the Forest Twilight Soiree Theme Party


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fairies in the forest twilight soiree moss and rose petal embellished framed menu

Fairies in the Forest Twilight Soiree Moss Framed Menu

Yield: 1 Moss Frame
Active Time: 2 hours
Additional Time: 12 hours
Total Time: 14 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Under $10

An easy project that really makes an impact on your Fairies of the Forest Twilight Soiree buffet table. After the party it can be used to frame a favorite photograph.


  • Bag of moss, any variety
  • Wood photo frame in desired size
  • Decorative final touches (like rosebuds, tiny acorns or pine cones)


  • Bottle of quality glue (see notes)
  • Foam craft brushes
  • Shallow container/plate to hold glue


Step 1. Clean the photo frame of your choice with a non-alcohol based product. (wood frames with at least a 1" wide side is best)

Step 2. Put a dollop of glue into a shallow container/plate to dip your foam brush into while you're working.

Step 3. Take pieces of your moss and form small bundles.

Step 4. Place the frame on a flat surface, face down.

Step 5. Brush a small section of the frame's surface along the bottom edge with a thin layer of glue. Apply moss bundles to glued areas. Continue this process until entire lower edge is covered on all four sides.

Step 6. Turn frame over and finish Do not let the moss or glue get on the inside edge, as it will interfere with the frame's glass insert placement.

Step 7. Continue this process until entire frame is covered with moss.

Step 8. You can add some embellishments such as rose buds, miniature pine cones, acorns, bark or any other natural element if you wish.

Step 9. Let finished frame dry overnight before reassembling.


I use Aleene's Tacky Glue in the gold bottle for all my craft projects. They also have a variety of other glue products that are craft specific.

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