Let’s take a peek at some fabulous front porch Fall decor ideas to stir your creativity and inspire your seasonal decorating!

front porch fall decorations


You step out of your car on a dreary autumn afternoon, and what do you see?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful seasonal display greet you with its festive and cheery vibe?  Want some Front Porch Fall Decor Ideas and inspiration to make that happen? Then let’s get started!

fall outdoor decor

Why not dig out whatever Fall decor you’ve accumulated over the years? Or better yet, hit the stores running and pick up a few fabulous new pieces and let your creativity loose! 

I have a fairly extensive collection of Fall season decor. We downsized from a 4000 square foot home that I loved to festoon from top to bottom, including our stairway railing to the top floor.

It was absolutely fabulous!  I don’t miss cleaning 4 bathrooms though! 

That’s how I’m able to show you several different Fall decor ideas on my own front porch!

I started with a “base design” that I varied and built upon as I worked.  Before I began, I did a quick inventory of my Fall decor items.  Then I did a few rough sketches to help guide me during the creation process. 

A little planning and creative brainstorming can help you visualize what kind of “look” you want to achieve with your front porch Fall decor.





It always pays to take a quick look at what you’ve got stored away before starting to decorate.  Does anything need front porch Fall vignettesome cleaning up or repairs?  Do you need to replace any items, or maybe find a glaring omission?  Now you have the opportunity to shop for new items to update your collection.

It’s awfully hard to pass by the seasonal decor departments this time of year. Wait until I show you my dining room table seasonal display that stays in place for about 6 weeks each year!  But, that’s for another post!

Here’s a list of some of the Fall decor I’ve collected that’s suitable for sheltered outdoor usage:

  • hay bales in various sizes and shapes (I replace these every few seasons)
  • a quartet of grapevine pumpkins in different sizes
  • Mr. Scarecrow and his little friends 
  • Large acorns made from foam balls and twine 
  • Assorted Fall leaf garlands in various lengths and types
  • Grapevine, greenery & gourd garlands (framing top of doorway)
  • Assorted mums, artichokes and berries on long stems
  • Fabric Fall leaf assortment
  • 3 Fall themed wreaths
  • Rattan and leather door basket
  • 1 Autumn leaf teardrop door hanger
  • Small bushel basket
  • Mini wooden benches I use for build-ups


I wholeheartedly endorse using fresh pumpkins and gourds both in and outdoors.  And I did so with wild abandon at our old house, but you won’t find any in these pictures.  At 4500 feet above sea level, we can have our first frost as early as the beginning of October.  That makes it impractical to incorporate them into my outdoor Fall decorations.



fall front porch decor inspiration

I would have loved to have bundled sheaves of corn set on each side of the doorway.  They’re so tall and majestic waving in the wind! 

But alas, as I found out, being a lifestyle blogger means you are always working a few months ahead of the season, and of course there were none available yet.  

If you do use corn sheaves for your entryway, consider tying a wide seasonal plaid ribbon around the middle. Top it off with a lovely bow.  The “finishing touches” really make a difference when you want a really pulled together look.

Opposite the door, our front porch sports an antique wagon that I fill with various things throughout the seasons.  This Fall I decided on these pretty rusty orange mums to keep the color going all season long outside our front door.

Don’t be surprised to find it filled with white poinsettia and pine boughs for the winter season!  (fake of course, because, as you probably already know, poinsettia are grown in hot houses and don’t like the cold)


FRONT PORCH FALL DECOR IDEAS – Let’s See What’s Hot This Season!

There’s lots of different ways to interpret the Fall season. 

Are you a minimalist, traditionalist, or a little on the eclectic side?  Whatever your style, you can express it with the bounty the the Fall season provides!

Which of these different interpretations of seasonal decorating suits your home and personal style? 



minimalism fall front porch decor


A modern, stylish home needs only a single colorful symbol of the season to give it an Autumnal flair!  There’s no need to “gild the lily” when your style is strictly “minimal”.  A little goes a long way!

Don’t think that you’ve got to get too fancy or have a ton of seasonal “stuff ” if that’s not your style. Pick one “statement” item, and give it a place of honor. Fini!



entryway fall decor ideas


There’s no rules when it comes to front porch fall decor ideas!  Can you believe how fabulous these embellished pumpkins look among the crunchy Fall leaves and their spidery friend?  Glitzy gourds, who knew?

A few cans of spray paint can transform your selections into the “bling” your front porch fall decor needs!




outdoor home fall decorations


Cornstalks, pumpkins, mums and more!  Okay, here’s the antithesis of minimalism… but it works too.

This traditionally-styled house does Fall perfectly with a “more is better” point of view.  Surrounding it’s etched-glass door with autumn’s bounty gives this home incredible seasonal style, including it’s own custom scarecrow!




black and white fall porch decor


Front porch fall decor ideas don’t need orange, gold or brown to work!  How fabulous is this black and white porch design? Stylish and seasonal, all at the same time!

Even neutrals can give your front porch Fall decor plenty of punch.  The simplistic seating area is balanced by comfy chairs flanking the lantern which provides the vignette’s height.




front porch fall decorations


Stylish city stairway decor that’s got plenty of seasonal impact, with next to no effort.  The hardest part of this design is getting that many pumpkins in your car!  Add a huge basket of colorful mums, and this front porch fall decor idea is a wrap!

I especially like the fact that they chose ones with nice big stems that go this way and that.  It kind of makes them look a little wild!




fall decorated window box



This is one of my favorite front porch fall decor ideas!  Since your window boxes aren’t overflowing with colorful blooms this time of year, why not transition them for Fall?  

Tucking miniature pumpkins and gourds inside a window box planted with a hardy vine is both simple and stylish.  It’s a subtle take on the season that contributes to your overall outdoor fall decor, rather than distract from it.




country fall front porch decor

Expressing a favorite pastime, a riding enthusiast has used their artfully displayed gear with a few gourds thrown in as seasonal decor.  It’s both incredibly stylish, and frugal!

What kind of hobbies or interests do you have that could be incorporated into your Fall outdoor decor?  Do you garden? Maybe a wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins and hay.  Are you a Francophile like me?  How about adding a metal rooster to your display? (I just added one to my porch a few days ago!)  Give it some thought, you might be surprised with the creative ideas you get.


CITY STREET STOOPS DESERVE SOME LOVE TOOcity street fall front porch decor

Just because you don’t have a front porch, or even a stairway, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little seasonal spirit too!  

This smart homeowner permanently mounted “mailboxes” flanking the doorway.  She uses them to add greenery and a seasonal touch with mini “kins” and gourds.

Adding a few well chosen larger ones strategically placed in the space finishes the look. 

Did you miss the tiny pumpkins along the top of the doorframe?  She didn’t!



You’re on the way home from the other side of town, and you know you’ll be passing that fabulous gourmet grocer you love…

Take 15 minutes or so to peruse their seasonal display of Fall’s bounty.  Then head home with exactly what you need to create a lovely front porch display in no time flat!  

pumpkins as fall front porch decorGive yourself time to pick and choose some unusual shapes, colors and sizes to give your display lots of interest. 

Check out how cool these flat-topped pumpkins looked stacked up.  They lend plenty of interest and height to the overall composition of the vignette.



Here’s another way that using black and white can go a long way in giving real panache to your front entryway!

How complicated does your front porch fall decor need to be?  Not very!  How simple is this lovely composition using a comfy rocker, lantern, a pair of “wellies” and a few pumpkins and flowers?  It just screams with seasonal style!


fall front porch decor



When it comes to outside decor, as you’ve seen, I favor more traditional motifs. But I’ve got a friend who does “kitch” style decor for Fall on her rocking chair porch, and somehow, it just works.

Everyone has their own personal style, whether it’s expressed in the outfit their wearing, or how they decorate their homes.

Our personal style isn’t something we’re born with. It’s the totality of your lifetime, accumulated, sorted, and then expressed through your choices in clothes, decor and lifestyle.

Let your creativity loose!  Don’t forget to bring home a few fresh pumpkins to add a punch of color to your porch.boston terrier on fall decorated porch



YEP!  Our Boston Terrier, April, couldn’t resist getting into some of the shots!  I had to keep her busy “fetching”, otherwise she and her nasty, dirty balls would have been in every picture.

Sometimes when I’m trying to shoosh her out of the way, I’d swear she looks right at the camera and smiles…  

I love to see my reader’s pictures of their creativity gone wild!  How about posting your front porch design in The Fab Life Facebook group, The Fab Life?  Snap a pic and show us how it’s done gals!


LET’S KEEP THE FALL VIBES GOING – Gourmet Candy Bark for Fall & Halloween

gourmet candy bark for fall and halloween

This is an extremely easy Gourmet Candy Bark for Fall recipe!

Customize it with all your favorite Halloween or Fall candies, sprinkles, nuts and dried fruits for a gourmet Fall treat!

Simple from beginning to end, an easy Autumn candy bark recipe like this can be whipped up in under two hours!  Your time investment depends entirely on how detailed you want to get with your finished candy bark. 


Gourmet Candy Bark for Fall and Halloween


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