As I was researching 4th of July holiday fashions, I ran upon a really cute top being sold on Etsy.  I was a little surprised, as I hadn’t really looked around Etsy too much beyond wanting a handmade gift at one time or another.  What I did run across were fabulous 4th of July finds on Etsy that go far beyond handmade crafts!


fab finds from etsy for 4th of july

SO I SHIFTED GEARS – I decided to hunt down a collection of fabulous 4th of July “finds” instead!

But first, I’ll share a few traditionally “crafty” items that are made especially for this wonderful holiday that celebrates our country’s finest hour.   I’m always amazed at the level of craftsmanship demonstrated by the fine “makers” of such lovely handmade items.

  1. Wreaths by Laura – Patriotic Door Swag 
  2. Qualty – Customized Patriotic Throw Pillow Covers  (machine washable in cold water)
  3. Wee One Cuddle Quilts – American Red/White/Blue baby quilt (48″ x 68″)
  4. Country Heart City Girl – 4th of July Wood Firecracker Set – 2 sizes (22″- 18″- 14″)  (18″- 14″ – 12″)
  5. Home Hearth Garden – Blended Hydrangea wreath


fabulous 4th of july scarves


You’ll be amazed at the array of scarves offered on Etsy these days.  I found so many vintage scarves that are of incredible quality and still completely wearable, that I got really excited.   After a few minutes of perusing, I realized I was shopping for myself!  I knew I had to stop if I was going to curate a great collection of fabulous 4th of July finds on Etsy for you.   

Let’s see what I found to show you:  (new and vintage)

  1. Eddie Baur – Plaid lightweight scarf in linen/viscose (77″ x 14.5″)
  2. 12th Knit – Silk Square Nautical scarf
  3. Milamila by Mila –  Hand-painted silk floral scarf
  4. 12th Knit – Silk Square Red/White/Blue pattern scarf
  5. Milamila by Mila – Red/White/Blue cotton infinity scarf
  6. Time Valley – Vintage mod stripe/polka dot silk scarf


4th of july finds on etsy purses



I must confess I could barely keep my finger from pressing the “buy” button more than once.  Don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a fab purse.  Especially a high-quality vintage bag that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Isn’t it a great feeling when you know that you’ve got a piece of fashion history on your arm?  Here’s some lovely ones I found for flaunting all Summer long. 

  1. Buttonwood Farm – Betsy Ross Tableau Purse (I can see my Mom carrying this one!)
  2. Yeast Authority – Montana West Texas Flag Canvas Tote Bag
  3. The Vintage Mistress –  Mini Ernest Blum of Hong Kong vintage wicker and leather handbag (7″ x 5″)
  4. Trinkets For D – India Bohemian Mosaic Clutch Handbag  (isn’t this one incredible?)
  5. Moosen’ Bear Bags – Fireworks fabric tote
  6. Classy Clutches – Nautical tassle clutch bag   (I wanted this one really bad!)
  7. Tidepool 01 – Handmade “bow” purse (8 1/2″ x 6″ x 7 1/2″)


4th of july finds on etsy



Can you believe the “tin-can” purse I found from the 90’s?  Adorable, right?  It’s actually a license plate that’s been rolled up and made into a little cross-body bag! 

How cool would that look as you head out for an afternoon of fun and festivities?  And what about the “lipstick” case that’s big enough to be a little “clutch”?  Didn’t I tell you I hunted down some fab finds on Etsy?

  1. Beach Treasure – Ernest Blum vintage wicker and patent leather handbag
  2. Soldier Suzanne – 1960’s large patent leather handbag
  3. Grass Shack Trading – American flat pocketbook charm pendant necklace
  4. Amy Rose Fiber Arts – Little Earth License Plate Vintage Bag (1996)   (is this too cool, or what?)
  5. Melee Hats – R/W/B detailed sun hat
  6. Klassy Klassics – Vintage ladies wallet  (designer not stated)
  7. Balum Rankum – Vintage mod gloves with nylon gussets (size 6-7)
  8. Milan Blocks – Flag acrylic and metal square pearl encrusted clutch/lipstick case


4th of july finds on etsy

4th of July Finds on Etsy – Not what you’d might expect

Would you expect to find your entire 4th of July party table setting for 8 somewhere like Etsy?

Not only does this set have all the plates and serving pieces you need, they’re reusable and dishwasher safe!  And how fabulous are those coordinating patterns?  Just like in your dining room,  but on your picnic table instead!

  1. Collar Doos – Patriotic Dog Bandana (S/M/L)
  2. C4 Creative Designs – Western Pant Leg  Cuff Keepers (Cowgirl Boot Bling!)
  3. Bling Jewelry – American flag money clip (perfect for Father’s Day!)
  4. Confetti Dash – Reusable and dishwasher safe 4th of July Entertaining Set (8 each of everything pictured)
  5. One True Wish –  Patriotic infant headband
  6. Simply Jen Lloyd – Red/White/Blue 3 Pc Scrunchie set


vintage 4th of july accessories



Just look at that conical hat from the 40’s!  I checked out the vendor, The 1940’s House, and she does indeed procure fabulous items made and worn in the 1940’s.  It was an incredible sight to see all those fabulous bits of history in one place!

  1. ADV Designs – R/W/B tie-dye fireworks pinched leather earrings
  2. Gem Mary Creations – Set of 5 zipper pulls/Americana themed charms
  3. Graceful by KT – Patriotic leather teardrop earring collection
  4. Maxx’s Ties – R/W/B star bow tie (4th of July wedding?)
  5. Pink Polka Dot Hearts – 12-26mm bubblegum beads for jewelry making
  6. Beach Gypsy Jewelry – Patriotic tassel purse charm (perfect for a little holiday “bling” without going too red, white & blue!)
  7. The 1940’s House – 1940’s straw stripe conical hat  (I love hats, so this was hard to pass up!)
  8. Funky Chunkies – Patriotic collection of bracelets


So, how did I do?  Did you find something that makes your heart skip a beat?  Are you ready to head over to Etsy and find yourself some 4th of July spirit?  You go girl!  I’ll be right behind you, now I can shop for real!


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