How can you become more efficient, more organized, and even healthier if your life-space is a hot mess?  It’s time to start decluttering your home! For good.

how to declutter your home


If you haven’t spent much time decluttering your home since the holidays ended, I’m thinking this is a timely article, and how!

It’s January, and we’re all setting new goals, eager to start the year off on the right foot.  But if you’re busy working on improving your career, health, relationships and quality of life, efficiency is key. 

And if efficiency is the key to moving towards the life you want, shouldn’t you begin with an organized space? A space where you can be the best version of yourself?  



As you strive to achieve your goals and improve your life, wouldn’t it be easier if you were organized?  What could happen in a space that is tidy, bright, organized and cheery?  


goal planner

How can you become more efficient, more organized, and even healthier if your life-space is a mess?

  • Imagine trying to lose weight with a refrigerator that’s stuffed with rotten vegetables, expired condiments and moldy cheese.  How’s your pantry look at the moment?  Not really gonna happen, is it?
  • What about getting 8 hours of sleep in a bedroom that’s filled with piles of laundry and tons of stuff?  I’m not saying it’s bad stuff, there’s just lots of it in your bedroom!
  • How can you expect to produce your best work product or do your best thinking when your workspace is cluttered?  Can you find what you need, when you need it?  Oops, you didn’t notice you were out of color ink for your printer. UGGGG!


Just like an empty email inbox can make you feel more efficient, a well-organized home can increase your productivity levels.  

decluttering your house



Many of us feel that the task of decluttering and organizing our spaces is absolutely daunting.  And just like pulling off a band-aid, we feel the urge to do it fast and furious.  That way it’s not so painful, right?

BUT, and there’s always a but, isn’t there?  You can’t just go about organizing your home once and say, “JOB DONE”.  It doesn’t really work that way in real life.  And it probably wouldn’t be the best way to go about it for you, either.

Decluttering is a task that needs to be done on a regular basis, as our homes, like our families, need constant upkeep.  If you’re not picking up your home on a regular basis, clutter comes back, and it happens really fast, too!


how to declutter your home

THE REAL SOLUTION –  Declutter Every Single Day!

Make an entry in your daily planner to schedule 15 minutes to make a pass through the house, picking up and putting back.  (if you can manage two sessions, so much the better!)  Take a basket with you to carry items from one room to the next.  Efficiency is key if you want to use your 15 minutes wisely.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in small increments of time.  The real secret is in the frequency, it’s got to be an every-day habit you cultivate.  It just might be the most important habit you form this year!



Here’s a list of items you should make a habit to do every day to keep your home free of clutter:

  • Clear off the large surfaces like tables, counters, vanities and coffee tables.   Collect items in your basket and put them back as you move through your rooms.  These are the “problem areas” in most homes that accumulate clutter quickly, so dedicating  time each day is crucial.  Making this 15 minute task a priority in your daily schedule each and every day will go a long way in keeping you uncluttered.
  • Don’t let dirty dishes keep your kitchen unusable.  If you don’t have time to wash them, get them into the dishwasher or sink to clear your counters.


how to declutter your home

  • Pick up every single item off the floor that shouldn’t be there; dirty clothes go in hampers; garden supplies in the garage, etc.  There are very few items that “belong” on the floor. And that certainly includes the pile of files/magazines living next to your bed! 
  • Pick up the entryway/foyer of your home daily.  Hang up coats, put away footwear, process mail, and get rid of any items that don’t belong.  Keep storage bins in your entryway to corral umbrellas, hats/gloves or items you want on hand. 


Okay, that’s what you’ll strive for once your home has been decluttered, but first we need to get the process started.



The best way to begin the decluttering process is to work by taking “micro-bites”.  You’ll be concentrating your focus on one small area at a time. 

how to declutter your home

  • Decide what room you want to start in, the one with the biggest challenge? Or the easiest, to get your momentum in high gear?  It’s totally your choice, whatever works best for you.
  • Concentrate on one room, single space, or even just the bookshelf wall in your living room. Keep your focus tight, and don’t stray off when putting things away.  Make sure you finish each “micro-bite” completely before moving on to the next area. 


As you complete each “micro-bite”, you’ll see the tangible results build.  You’ll be even more encouraged as your home becomes the comfortable living space you envisioned when decorating it.  How fabulous will that feel?


THE “BIN IT” DECLUTTERING SYSTEM – 6 Categories To A Clutter Free Life!

Yes, it can be a lot of work to declutter whole rooms, let alone an entire house.

But I’ve got a super-simple system that will keep you focused on the task at hand, my “Bin It” Decluttering System. What’s even better is that this system keeps the process organized and easy to disperse at the completion of each “micro-bite”.

bin it decluttering system 


  • SIX baskets/boxes/clothes baskets/containers large enough to hold one “micro-bite” worth of stuff
  • SIX signs – one for each container with the categories written on them; pick containers that you can use the entire time you’re decluttering your home
  • TO DO – before you begin to declutter, tour your home and gather unused baskets, tins, lidded containers, etc. that will help you organize your “stuff” during the decluttering process


Other than these essential “BINS” that will be used each time you tackle a “micro-bite”, that’s all that my system requires.  You have to love that!  


decluttering your home

LET’S START DECLUTTERING YOUR HOME – The “Bin It” Decluttering System

Now that you’ve selected your 6 “bins”, labeled them, and gathered items that will help you organize, you’re ready to begin.


  • DONATE: This bin will be for items that are in good condition and are appropriate for donating to a charitable organization or other resource. 
  • PUT AWAY:  Use this bin to carry the items around that need to be put back where they belong. If it doesn’t have a designated home, decide where it will be stored from now on, and put it there.
  • TRASH:  Place all the items that you want to throw away in this bin. This container MUST be emptied immediately upon completion of each “micro-bite” for true success.
  • RECYCLE: Any items that need to go into your recycling containers should go in this bin.  Plastics, glass, paper, metals, etc. all can be recycled in many communities.
  • REPAIR:  If a piece of clothing needs mending or button replaced, it goes in this bin.  Any things that can be fixed instead of being replaced, likewise, will go in this bin.
  • UPCYCLE: Always keep your creativity and imagination on high alert while decluttering.  There are so many items that can be “upcycled” for DIY gifts, home improvement projects, outdoor decor, etc.  It’s amazing what you can do with an old dusty tire from the corner of your garage!


ARE YOU READY to start decluttering your home, and making it a priority to keep it that way?  I know I am!

If you want some fabulous “BIN IT” DECLUTTERING SYSTEM Category Signage for your “bins”, I’ve got you covered girlfriend!

bin it decluttering system signage printables

Just click on the image above to download your copy of my “Bin It” Decluttering System Category Signage PDF.  

  • For best results, print the signs on white cardstock and cut with a paper-cutter for crisp edges.  I’m planning on laminating mine!



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