Make a dramatic holiday season statement with this Buffalo Plaid Christmas Present Tower on your porch!

Christmas Present Tower

CHRISTMAS PRESENT TOWER – Buffalo Plaid Themed Display

If you want to be right “on trend” this Christmas Present Tower done in Buffalo Plaid is the perfect  holiday decoration. 

I also created a set of Buffalo Plaid Christmas Luminaries, Topiaries and a Buffalo Plaid Vignette to round out the display.  I’ll tell you more about them later! 

At the end of this post, you’ll find a Resource Guide to help you round up all the supplies to create your own Christmas  Present Tower.

While you’re here, don’t forget to download your copy of the 2021 Christmas Holiday Planner too!

Here’s what my finished Christmas Buffalo Plaid Porch looks like.  I think it came out extremely nice, and it’s grabbed lots of attention from the neighbors.  Can’t say I mind!


Christmas Present Tower Display


I have an entire Christmas Buffalo Plaid Porch to share with you!  It’s got a number of festive DIY decorations and plenty of holiday inspiration.  Since Buffalo Plaid is so trendy this holiday season, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood too!

Now, let’s get started making your Buffalo Plaid themed Christmas Present Tower!


Christmas present tower


Start looking for some boxes that will make a tower of at least 5 feet in height, gradually tapering to the top.

Keep in mind the scale of your space and your project, as an outdoor display needs to be large enough to be a focal point.  Especially at a distance! 

I’m 5′-1″, and my tower is just shy of my height and works perfectly in the porch’s design.  


buffalo plaid Christmas present tower


With this being the Christmas season, I’ll bet you’ll have a nice supply of boxes from your online orders to choose from. 

Since the Christmas Present Tower was created as an outdoor display, you’ll want to add some weight in some of the boxes. I used 5 lb. barbell weights from my home gym. They were taped to the bottom of boxes 1, 3 and 5 to keep my tower steady in the wind.


buffalo plaid Christmas present tower


This is where the fun part of this project comes in!  Enjoy yourself choosing gift wrap, ribbons, bows and glitter to adorn your Christmas Present Tower.

You’ll find that I’ve purchased bows, birds and ribbons that do double-duty in more than one of my Christmas Buffalo Plaid Porch projects.


Christmas present tower


Here’s the combinations of gift wrap and embellishments I ended up choosing for my 5 gift packages.

As you can see, I’ve chosen 2 solids to give the printed papers more impact.  Now is the time to get the papers prepped for the project.


how to waterproof wrapping paper


Since this is an outdoor project, I want to teach you how to waterproof gift wrapping paper.  I found a wonderful product called Nikwax Direct Spray-On that does the  job perfectly.

It’s really simple and fast, but do use the Nikwax spray sparingly, as too much can wrinkle the paper when drying.  You’ll find a link for the Nikwax Spray in the Christmas Present Tower Resource Section.


Christmas present tower


Okay, now let’s make some sparkly glittered ribbon for your Christmas Present Tower.  This process is for a textured or fabric ribbon only.  It doesn’t really work on any other kind of ribbon that I experimented with. I got the best results using a burlap ribbon like the one shown above.

  • Wrap your Christmas present with paper and burlap ribbon
  • Slide a piece of cardstock under sections of the ribbon to catch the excess glitter
  • Using a dry brush, spread a thin layer of glue on the ribbon 
  • Generously sprinkle glitter over ribbon and let dry for a few minutes
  • Honestly, I only glittered the portion of the ribbon what will show, i.e., top, front and sides
  • Gently brush excess from edges and remove paper 


Yes, you’ve read the directions correctly!  If you glitter your ribbon before wrapping, you’ll lose most of the glittery layer.


Christmas present tower


Don’t limit your embellishments to just ribbons and a bow, either!  Check out some of the fun crafting supplies too,  like these acrylic crystal snowflakes. 

They really lend a sophisticated air to the tower.  I don’t do “kitchy” as a rule, but you’re going to personalized your Christmas Present Tower the way you like it!  I love unleashing the creativity of my readers and see what they come up with.


Christmas present tower


Once my tower was well on its way in the assembly process I realized that the tower needed some gift tags hanging from a few boxes.  But, they’d need to be a jumbo size, and that’s not easy to find.

So I cranked up my creative juices and made a set of lovely coordinating Christmas Buffalo Plaid Oversized Gift Tags.   These tags will be the finishing touch on your tower.  They’re available in the IFAFL Subscriber’s Resource Library for downloading and printing. 


Christmas present tower


Even though you’ll print the Oversized Christmas Gift Tags on white cardstock, they’ll just blow around if they’re not properly prepped before attaching.

Once again, my masking tape is coming to the rescue to provide a sturdy back for the gift tags.  You can cover the entire back surface for extra strength if desired.

Finishing with a light spray of Scotch Guard on the front will help any water bead-up on contact.  Needless to say, despite being “waterproof”, your Christmas Present Tower needs to be in a protected outside area for an all-season-long holiday display. 


Buffalo plaid Christmas porch display


I’m so pleased with how my Christmas Buffalo Plaid Porch turned out!  

As you can see, the combination of elements make this front porch display absolutely fabulous for the holiday season. Talk about an eye-catching combination, using a dramatic buffalo plaid pattern to carry through the theme.

Click on the links below to get the instructions for these fabulous Christmas Buffalo Plaid Porch projects!


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Christmas buffalo plaid vignette





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