black and white front porch

BLACK AND WHITE FRONT PORCH – Classic Sophistication 

For a sophisticated non-seasonal front porch design, Black and White can’t be beat.  And since I painted my front door black, a Black and White Front Porch would be perfect for the late Summer.

I’ll be changing it out later this year to a showy Fall display filled with Autumn leaves, pumpkins and, of course, a ton of mums!

But, for now, I’m going to enjoy my Black and White Front Porch until after Labor Day!  Let’s dissect how I put together this display.  We’ll start with some of the major components and go from there.


black and white porch

Here’s the list of items I used as the basis for my Black and White Front Porch.  I combined a few things I already owned (the lanterns, candles and urn) with a few new purchases.  These would form the core items for this late-Summer front porch display.

You can see I included plenty of “green” in my Black and White Front Porch display, after all, it’s still Summer!  I think I struck the perfect balance of black and white sophistication, incorporating pops of green.

I love to come home and be greeted by greenery, and at 4500 feet above-sea-level, sometimes it needs to be FAKE!  I’m a Francophile, and these boxwood topiaries reminded me of Paris.  (the front porch doesn’t get much direct sunlight)

  • Rubber-Cal “St. Germaine Fleur de Lis Door Mat, 24″ x 57” by Rubber-Cal Store
  • Malta Glass & Metal Lanterns, Black Finish by Pottery Barn
  • Unscented White Pillar Candles
  • Artificial Outdoor Boxwood Spiral Topiary Tree 3ft (2 Pieces – 35″ tall) by Momoplant



black and white front door wreath


I was looking for inspiration for my Black and White Front Porch when I stumbled upon 48 Hour Monogram’s custom-made designs on Amazon.  All their products are made with ½” thick 9 Ply Birch directly from Russia and are made-to-order.

That was all the inspiration I needed to dream up a Black and White Front Door Wreath with our surname initial as the centerpiece. 


black and white front door wreath

This beautiful wreath surrounds our “monogram” with a lovely selection of black/white baby’s breath, white decorator picks and black roses.

It’s a super easy Front Door Wreath Project that really completed this Black and White Front Porch design. 




I fell in love with this adorable garden gate the minute I spotted it in the COUNTRY DOOR CATALOGUE.  Having no idea what I was going to do with it, I bought it and tucked it in the garage.

freestanding white garden gate decoration

So when I decided to redo my front porch in black and white, I figured it was the perfect time to get it out of storage.  Doesn’t it add the perfect touch of “whimsy” to the porch? 

Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I’ve been inspired to do a stenciling project on it.  I’m slowly but surely redecorating our mountain cabin in a French Country décor and decided the gate needed some French Lavender.  And I definitely will redo our name, but in a lovely script font stencil that I found on Amazon.

(NOTE: I’m using the Lifestyle Diva Decorator’s Home Color Flow System  to redo the house. If you’d like to get your own copy of the System’s PDF, fill out the form at the bottom of this post and click on the link above to read the related article.)  



BLACK AND WHITE FRONT PORCH – My Front Porch’s Antique Wagon

black and white front porch antique wagon

When we moved into our home, we were fortunate to inherit this fabulous antique wagon from the previous owner.  I can’t tell how many offers we’ve had from people hoping to score a bargain!  No such luck, I know just how special this piece is.

But, it comes with some issues, the worst of which is a bottom base that no longer fits together properly.  How do you fill the wagon when the bottom is two different heights?

That stumped me for a long time, but then I discovered a solution while scouring my garage for ideas.  I found a shelf that was leftover from a broken shelving unit.  The size looked good.  Hmmm, could that even out the wagon’s bottom if I propped up the low side?  It was worth a try.

SCORE!  With the low end propped up with a flat rock from my garden, it actually worked remarkably well.

But now it looks really terrible, so what could I do about that?  Wrapping the shelf in burlap was the perfect solution and provided a natural and textural aspect to the wagon’s décor.  


black and white front porch antique wagon


Since moving in, I’ve used the wagon for various seasonal displays.  I’ve had it filled with orange mums for Fall, poinsettia for the Winter holidays, and Spring flowers in May.  But the wagon’s open sides and ends made it hard to hide the pots to make an attractive display.  

  1. What can I use to make the wagon capable of yearlong showcasing any type of flowers or greenery?
  2. How would the flowers stand up?
  3. Can I find something attractive enough not to necessitate hiding?


SOLUTION:  These fabulous Clay Pots with Wire Baskets ended up working beautifully!  After measuring the wagon’s base, I ordered the necessary amount from Michael’s Crafts, for $2.99 each.  Since I’ll be using them over and over, I felt it was worth the investment of buying a dozen of them. 

Here’s what I used to fill my antique wagon for my Black and White Front Porch:

  • Burlap Fabric By-the-Yard
  • 7″ Clay Pots with Wire Baskets  (bubble wrap was used as a waterproof filler)
  • White Hydrangea Bushes
  • 12 pk. Artificial Hanging Vines by Hatoku at Amazon


antique wagon filled with white flowers

Here’s a side view of the wagon filled with the clay/wire pots with their hydrangeas, topped with green moss.  I think I can say that these fabulous vases don’t need to be hidden, but showed off!

After getting all the vases arranged and fluffed, I felt the wagon looked “unfinished”.  Next stop, visit my stash of home entertaining supplies and come out with my bag of ivy vines.

Simply entwining the vines through the wagon slats gave it just the little touch it needed, don’t you think?



black lanterns


Adding a few “LITTLE TOUCHES”  like this lantern vignette gives the Black and White Front Porch much needed interest while reinforcing the color scheme.  You can see I also repeated the use of the ivy vines for the same reasons.

Don’t forget about the “Rule of Odds”, always working with 3-5-7 objects to form a pleasing composition.

Alternatively, a larger object can be a stand-alone “vignette”, like this cute French Bicycle Basket planted with hyacinth bulbs.


bicycle planter with hyacinth bulbs



I’m dying to see what your vision of your own Black and White Front Porch will look like! 

We here at Ingredients For A Fabulous Life and over at The Fab Life Facebook Group are on a need-to-know basis!  Post your pics at the bottom of this post or on the Group’s Facebook Page – We’re waiting to see your Black and White Front Porch! 

And if you don’t want to make your own Black and White Front Door Wreath, just buy one that works!

black and white front porch


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