Take a break from the fast pace with these breakfast in bed recipes that will keep you between the sheets long past morning!

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Every now and again we deserve a little pampering at the end of a long week, don’t we?  Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite breakfast in bed recipes so you can plan a relaxing morning in the sack real soon!

When planning a lounging kind of morning, I try to think of what memories I’d like to stir or a moment in time I’d like to recreate.  And that’s actually really easy to do!  

breakfast in bed recipesWhat about using the platter you found in Spain on your honeymoon.  Warm memories flood your heart…

Or the vase he saw in that little shop in Santa Barbara that he knew you would love…

You get the picture!  One of my favorite things to do is to tuck in a picture album that we can look through and reminisce while enjoying our Yummy Yogurt Breakfast Parfaits.  

Another thing we love to do is start planning our next vacationWe get out our travel books and magazines and begin to dream!  You’d be surprised at how creative you are first thing in the morning when you’re relaxed and well-fed.

It’s a fabulous time to reconnect and communicate after a hectic week of work and to-do lists.  Take a few moments to set the mood with your breakfast in bed tray vignette and some fabulous breakfast in bed recipes!

Let’s start off by working through my curated list of the 7 absolute best breakfast in bed trays that I could find on the internet.  You’ll be amazed at the stunning array of choices out there!  I’ve chosen a few standard models, but also included several “out-of-the-box” ones that I think will appeal to the rebel in you!



black breakfast tray with folding legsBamboo Tray Table in Black by Zhuoyue, sold on Amazon

  • Tray has a lipped tabletop to keep things from sliding off
  • Folding legs make storage easy in any small space or corner
  • Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth


This is a really well made standard version of the folding breakfast tray.  It’s got a nice deep lip that keeps your food and beverages safe from sliding off, which can be an issue on fluffy bedding!

I especially like it for the flat folding design because it can be easily tucked away in a corner of the bedroom or kitchen. 


Hand-Woven Rattan Rectangular Serving Tray with Handles by DECRAFTS, sold on Amazon

  • Rectangular serving tray is made with hand woven rattan material
  • Trays come in two sizes: 14.5″ x 10.2″ x 1.4″  OR 17″ x 11 x 11″ x 1.4″
  • Designed with side handles for easy carrying and serving
  • Easy to clean, just wipe clean with damp cloth

rattan breakfast in bed trayI fell in love with this rattan tray the moment I saw it.  And then when I found out it comes in two different sizes, well that just made it even more attractive! 

Using all sorts of trays to decorate my home is one of my favorite tricks for fabulous coffee table displays or a lovely motif set on a leather ottoman.

This one would look fabulous used either indoors or outside.  So it’s multi-usage potential is a win-win for me.


Antique Glass Tray – 19.5 by 13 by 2-Inch by A&B Home, sold on Amazon

This is an out-of-the-box choice for my best breakfast in bed trays list.

It’s got such an incredible boudoir vibe, I thought it would make a lovely breakfast tray.  Then it can be used in almost any room of the house as part of an incredible still-life vignette of  mementos, bottles and such.  antique mirror breakfast in bed tray

Since the mirror finish can scratch, I’d make sure my display contained a cloth or napkin that covers some of the surface. Otherwise, I think it’s perfect.

  • Constructed of glass
  • Antique mirror finish completes the look
  • Clean with a soft cloth
  • Includes (1) One serving/Decorative tray
  • Weighs approx 6.6 Lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: 19.5″ x 13″ x 2″


Calliope Breakfast Tray sold by Anthropologie

This rustic-inspired tray makes breakfasts in bed that much more special.  With it’s carved wood sides, the dark wood looks tropical hardwood carved breakfast in bed trayexotic and has a great island feel.  It’s a fabulous selection for one of the best breakfast in bed trays in this curated list. 

  • Tropical hardwood
  • Wipe clean with dry cloth
  • Hand-carved sides in leaf motif
  • Imported
  • 22″L, 14″W, 2″H


Morris & Co. for Pimpernel,  Large “Strawberry Thief” Tray by Morris & Company, sold on Amazon

 The Strawberry Thief motif by Morris & Co. caught my eye with it’s unusual print, and especially because I’m so fond of melamine.

strawberry field melamine breakfast in bed trayFor entertaining at home, melamine offers a long life, is shatterproof, and comes in tons of fabulous colors, shapes and sizes.

This particular printed breakfast in bed tray comes in several different color combinations, offering a choice for most home decor palettes.

  • 48 cm x 29.5 cm
  • Durable, strong melamine tray
  • Wipe clean, dishwasher safe
  • Morris & Company design


Everaldo Elegant Tray Table from Winston Porter at Wayfair

white wooden standing tray table

Gracious entertaining is a snap with this stylish tray table. And it can perform its duties just as easily in the bedroom as the living room.  Any list of the best breakfast in bed trays has to include a freestanding version, don’t you think? 

And this one is not only gorgeous, it’s incredibly functional too! Check out these features:

  • Elegantly aged white finish with a carved rim
  • 2 handy drawers
  • Folding legs for easy storage
  • 27” H x 22” W x 15.5” D


White Wooden Breakfast Tray by Scully & Scully 

Here is the ultimate bed in breakfast tray as far as I’m concerned.  It’s pricey, but I think it would be a fabulous addition to a bridal registry!  

Elegant in look and feel, it’s incredibly well designed and has more than one fabulous extra feature that help warrant the high price tag.  

  • Makes a great work or reading spaceelegant white breakfast in bed tray with food and teapot
  • Stain-resistant acrylic upper tray removes
  • Lower tray underneath can be angled
  • Features acrylic handles
  • Side sections can hold newspapers or magazines
  • Measures 28″ w x 16½” d x 6¾” h
  • Removable tray measures 19¾” w x 15¼” h


Did you find a breakfast in bed tray that you’d love to add to your essential home entertaining capsule in this list?  I hope you did!  

Now, with that task checked off the list, let’s take a looksie at the breakfast in bed recipes that I’m sharing with you today!


Something as simple as a fresh fig split open atop honey-sweetened ricotta cheese can make breakfast in bed Fresh Fig, Sweet Ricotta and Thyme Toastsabsolutely blissful.

Start by slathering the sweet cheese on thick slices of whole-grain toast, then sprinkle with tender thyme leaves and top with wedges of plump, sweet figs.  It’s pure heaven on a plate!

Here’s how to make Fresh Fig, Sweet Ricotta and Thyme Toasts:

  • Combine 2/3 cup ricotta cheese with 2 Tbsp. honey in a small bowl
  • Toast 2 large, thick slices whole-grain or French bread
  • Spread half the cheese mixture on each piece of toast
  • Sprinkle 1/2 tsp. fresh thyme leaves on each slice of toast
  • Cut 2 fresh figs in quarters and top each toast with 4 wedges


Now that was a snap, wasn’t it?  It’s one of the fast and easy breakfast in bed recipes that I think you’ll really enjoy.



dutch baby with berries and lemon sugarBreakfast in bed couldn’t be more fabulous when you share a Dutch Baby with Berries and Sparkling Lemon Sugar with someone special!

There’s nothing like taking a bite from a huge, puffy Dutch Baby!

Whether it’s simply adorned with a squeeze of lemon and powdered sugar, or topped with fresh berries and Sparkling Lemon Sugar.

Any way you can get a fork full of a fresh-from-the-oven Dutch Baby, I say do it as often as possible!

There’s no real secret to making a fabulously puffy German pancake.  But I will say that using a cast iron pan is something I think is a must-do for real success.  You can use any heavy-bottomed,  oven-safe skillet, but I’m not guaranteeing how well it will turn out.


Click here to get the recipe:  Dutch Baby with Berries and Sparkling Lemon Sugar


breakfast yogurt and fruit parfaits


You really don’t need any specific recipe for these kinds of breakfast in bed recipes.  It’s more of a pick-and-choose process, with your pantry playing a major role.

What I really love about breakfast parfaits is that you can assemble them in really adorable jars or decorative bowls.

And when you’re putting together a breakfast in bed tray, you want to take special care to make it attractive too.  Since Yummy Yogurt Parfaits usually contain some colorful fruit, you can add some berry-hued fresh flowers or napkins. 

And here’s an idea if you’re feeling particularly inspired that morning.  You can cut some different kinds of fruit and artfully arrange them on top of your yogurt like a composed salad.  Now your food itself is a work of art too!

Here’s a list of some items that are perfect for adding to a yogurt breakfast parfait:

  • Rolled oats (not instant)yummy yogurt breakfast parfait with fruit on top
  • Chopped nuts
  • Diced fresh berries
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg
  • Sliced bananas
  • Dried fruit mix
  • Honey
  • Granola
  • Sliced peaches or pears
  • Fruit jams or preserves
  • Caramel sauce
  • Chia seeds
  • Diced apples tossed with sugar and cinnamon



So fresh looking and tasting, this tempting breakfast on whole-grain toast is perfect for breakfast in bed!open face breakfast croustade with green goddess sandwich spread

Plan to hard cook a few eggs and make your Green Goddess Sandwich Spread the night before.

Then this breakfast in bed recipe can be thrown together in the amount of time it takes to brew your coffee.  

And since it’s filled with such healthy ingredients, you can’t help but feel virtuous eating it in bed!

The croustades are given a healthy sprinkling of fresh herbs and micro greens, since I love to have them around all Summer long.

Click here for the recipe:  Open Face Breakfast Croustade with Green Goddess Sandwich Spread



mocha hazelnut specialty coffeeHere’s a fabulous addition to any relaxing morning breakfast that’s fast to prepare, but you’ll want to savor slowly.  

The combination of hot black coffee, cream, and chocolate-hazelnut spread make for a delicously delightful specialty coffee right at home. 

You can choose to gild the lily with some whipped cream (from a can) and some cinnamon or nutmeg too.  I say “go for it”!

Just add a croissant and jam, and you’ve got a fabulous start to any day! 

And if that day just happens to begin with breakfast in bed, so much the better!

Click here to get the recipe:  Mocha Hazelnut Specialty Coffee



peach bellini cocktailsHow do you make a fabulous Peach Bellini?  Well, it starts with a homemade fruit puree of course!

And if it’s been prepared in your own kitchen, you’ll know exactly what ends up in your peach puree for Bellini cocktails.

If you’ve got a great peach puree, you can go with a less expensive choice of champagne.

Here’s the link to get the recipe:  Peach Puree for Bellini Cocktails – Plus Fabulous Printable PDF

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