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I’ve got 6 fabulously simple 4th of July recipes to share with you and festive party printables to kick up your holiday hostess game!

Our nation’s birthday is one holiday I think everyone loves to celebrate.  Smack in the middle of the Summer season, we’re all ready to have some outdoor fun in the sun and maybe, for some of you, even the sand!  

Since Independence Day is usually celebrated outdoors, that places an extra stress-factor on a hostess.  Keeping foods chilled and safe for consumption is always foremost in our minds.  And that’s enough stress for one day!

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That’s why all six of my 4th of July recipes are simple, fast and easy to prepare.  And most can be done either entirely ahead-of-time, or at least partially, to help keep party day kitchen time to a minimum.

Let’s dive in and get started with one of my favorite Summertime recipes!



Sticky, sweet with a hint of saltiness, these Sticky Asian 5 Spice Ribs have it all! So pretty with their sesame seedsticky Asian 5 spice ribs and chive garnish! Yummy goodness that’s truly addictive.

I’ve had this one in my 4th of July recipes file for over a decade!

Starting your ribs by cooking them in a flavorful water for 20 minutes means you can split the cooking process into two different days. 

Making a quick broth of water, vinegar, bay leaves and whole peppercorns infuses the ribs with plenty of base flavors.

The ribs need to marinate at least 6-8 hours in the sauce anyway, so making them the day before makes sense.  And that makes for a much easier prep the 2nd day, especially if you’re serving guests.


STICKY ASIAN 5 SPICE RIBS – 9 Ingredient Sauce

Yes, as in most Asian dishes, this recipe has a number of ingredients.  But once you create your mis en place (everything in place) of all the sauce ingredients, it comes together in just a few minutes.

The longest part of this recipe is waiting for the ribs to marinate in the crazy delicious 5 Spice sauce that turns into a sticky glaze after slowly baking away in the oven.  

Plan to start your prep the day before serving, and you’ll be good to go!

Click here for the recipe:  Sticky Asian 5 Spice Ribs



When you start looking around for deviled egg recipes, they’re fairly straightforward, and contain some amount of Dijon mustard.  The remainder are “out-there” combinations that take deviled eggs to a whole new level of taste. 

Sweet Deviled Eggs are very simplistic, but don’t count on Dijon mustard to lend the traditional flavoring.


sweet deviled eggsThis recipe is actually one that I’ve been eating since childhood.  It gets its sweetness from both sweet pickle relish and Miracle Whip Salad Dressing.

I grew up with a jar of Miracle Whip tucked into the refrigerator door on any given day.  It went on most of my sandwiches, in our cole slaw dressing and probably much more that I’m not even aware of.

I’m not going to argue the point, but mayonnaise is not a substitute for Miracle Whip.  That’s why they’re two different products in the first place.  Mayonnaise is a creamy, eggy mixture that lends a subtle, but distinguishable flavor to dishes.

Miracle Whip, on the other hand, is much sweeter and has a bit of paprika that rounds out the brand’s distinct flavor profile.

I’ve found through the years that many people either hate or love Miracle Whip.  It probably boils down to whether you’ve ever eaten it jar of miracle whip salad dressingin your life.  Many of my friends had never heard of it before sharing meals with me!

Either way, this recipe calls for the distinct flavors of Miracle Whip.  You should really just purchase the smallest size so you can try this fabulous recipe for Sweet Deviled Eggs.  Then you can use the rest of the jar making my Creamy Celery Seed Cole Slaw, which is also featured in this article!

Even though this recipe is super simple and straightforward, the addition of finely diced sweet Vidalia or red onion is what takes is over the top.  When diced up, it adds both a kick and some crunch to the Sweet Deviled Egg filling.


NAN’S TIP: INSTEAD OF BOILING YOUR EGGS, TRY STEAMING THEM INSTEAD!  THE MEMBRANES SEPARATE FROM THE SHELL DURING THE PROCESS FOR EASY PEELING!  Just use a steamer basket or less water, lower heat and cooking them a few minutes longer.

Click here for the recipe:  Sweet Deviled Eggs

Before I tell you about the rest of my 4th of July menu, let me show you the fabulous 4th of July holiday printables.   I created them especially to help make your Summer holiday season a little more festive, and patriotic!



4th of July pennant banner on side of house

4th of July Pennant Banner –  Patriotic Flatware Holders – 4th of July Menu Tent Cards

No 4th of July celebration is complete without some Red, White and Blue!  That’s why I’ve created these fabulous Patriotic 4th of July Pennant Banner PDFPrintables just for you!

4th of July Pennant Banner

My 4th of July Pennant Banner has six different pennants, one per page of the printable PDF.  That way, you can print out as many of each design as you want and make your banner as long or short as your space permits.  As you can see, I’ve added some red ribbon streamers between the pennants to give it some “fireworks” bling!

Nan’s Advice:  Use a paper cutter to make cutting and assembling your banner an absolute breeze!

You just need to punch holes in the pennants and string through your rope.  Make sure you thread from the front to the back so the rope is behind the pennants.


Patriotic Flatware Holders

Keep your napkins from flying off the table. Make it easy for guests to grab their flatware once they’ve filled their plates.  That’s why using flatware holders is such a great idea when entertaining outdoors in4th of July napkin and flatware holders the wind and sun!

As I was wandering around one of the party supply websites a few months ago, I spotted a similar idea being sold for an obscene chunk of change.  I thought they were adorable, but why would I want to spend that kind of money on a disposable paper product?  No thanks.

But I found myself thinking about these flatware holders again a few days later.  That was it.  I decided to figure out how to design some flatware holders myself.  And for free, or at least just the cost of a few sheets of card stock and some color ink!

The design uses a back card for the base and then has four different “holder” designs to make your buffet table extra festive!

Here’s how you make your 4th of July Flatware Holders:

  • Download the PDF from the IFAFL Resource Library4th of July flatware holder supplies
  • Print all pages on white card stock for best results
  • Back cards come two-to-a-page, so print out the number of pages you need for the amount of guests you’ve invited
  • The patriotic designed “fronts” are also two-to-a-page, so you’ll print out the corresponding number to match your back cards 
  • Cut out all of the pieces for assembly  (USING A PAPER CUTTER MAKES THIS JOB MUCH EASIER)
  • Cut out the white corner pieces of the “fronts” to make flaps for folding and gluing the pieces together
  •  Fold the bottom and two side flaps and crease well
  • Slide a back card into the flaps and center it
  • Glue bottom flap first to hold the back card in place
  • Glue the side flaps and let dry completely
  • Fold your napkins and place behind your flatware (I wish I’d used white flatware for my pictures!) 


So, are these patriotic printable flatware holders cute, or what?  They come together really quickly, and are a great project to do while streaming your favorite television show!


Patriotic Themed Menu Tent Cards – What’s On The Menu

4th of July Menu tent cardsMake sure your guests know what they’re eating and you won’t spend the entire day repeating your menu!

I’ve catered hundreds of parties over the years, so I know how many times guests ask what’s on the buffet.  For more formal gatherings, I like to create a pretty page that I frame and place at the beginning of the buffet line.

But, for casual outdoor celebrations like the 4th of July, menu tent cards are the perfect solution!

As you can see, I’ve matched the four designs to coordinate with the flatware holders and pennant banner.  So it’s a matching set!

Just download the PDF from the IFAFL Resource Library, print on white card stock, cut out and you’re ready to party!

NAN’S TIP:  Place a small piece of tape on the back side and adhere to your buffet table so the signs don’t fly off in the wind!

Wow, if you want some Red, White and Blue bling for your 4th of July celebration this year, this is how you can do it!

All the patriotic decorations are coordinated to give you a cohesive party presentation that’s fun, festive and will help get your party started! 

Just download the FREE PDFs, and you’re in business.  I’ll tell you how to get yours a little later in this post.




Creamy, with a hint of sweetness, offset by tangy cider vinegar and the fresh taste of celery seeds, this crunchy creamy celery seed cole slaw with 4th of july decorationscoleslaw is an old family favorite at my house!

This recipe is actually one that I’ve been eating since I was a youngster in Pennsylvania. My mom would make up a batch with no recipe, just add the dressing ingredients and tasting as she went along.

It gets a little sweetness from Miracle Whip Salad Dressing, but it’s cut by the tangy cider vinegar, red onion strips and fresh celery seeds.

Since I’ve already extolled the virtues of the use of Miracle Whip in both of these family recipes, I won’t regale you again!

But, needless to say, Creamy Celery Seed Cole Slaw won’t taste like it’s supposed to if you use mayonnaise.  Just sayin’!

Click here for the recipe:  Creamy Celery Seed Cole Slaw



Roasting at a high temperature makes these Lemon Roasted Potatoes crispy on the outside, but soft and fluffy on lemon roasted potatoes with patriotic propsthe inside!  

This is one of my all time favorite 4th of July recipes!

Redolent with thick, charred slices of onion and lemon, this is a side dish everyone will love!

 The secret to this fabulous recipe is tossing the hot-from-the-oven potatoes, onions and lemons with the dressing. 

When the potatoes are hot, they have the ability to absorb more of the dressing and flavors than when cold.  I don’t even take them out of the roasting pan!

Just whisk up the dressing and spoon it over all the potatoes, onion and lemon slices.  Then gently toss them with some tongs until everything is coated.  Go ahead and use all the dressing, even if it start to puddle.  It will all be absorbed before you know it!

Lemon Roasted Potatoes are fabulous served hot, warm or at room temperature!  Now that makes it a fabulous dish to serve for a holiday celebration, doesn’t it!

Click here for the recipe:  Lemon Roasted Potatoes



Spicy and bold, this is a great side dish to serve all Summer long!  This version is also fabulous cut off the cob and served on a platter mexicali corn on the cob with red white and blue decorationstopped with lots of creamy Mexican Cojita cheese!

Not you’re typical ingredients, my Mexicali Corn on the Cob uses the traditional cayenne powder, but also adds garlic powder and kosher salt to the mix.  

This trio of spices combined with sweet unsalted butter, tangy lime juice, and fresh cilantro make for a heady and spicy culinary experience.

While the corn is hot, it’s rolled in butter, doused with citrus and then given the spicy treatment.

Gilding the lily with a generous sprinkling of creamy Cojita cheese from Mexico takes this side dish into heavenly territory!

Click here for the recipe: Mexicali Corn on the Cob

What 4th of July recipes would be complete without a sweet finish to the celebration’s meal?



White Chocolate Chunk Mousse Tartlets are a smooth and creamy dessert that’s made with purchased tart shells.white chocolate chunk mousse tartlets

When you spoon the white chocolate chunk mousse into a crisp cookie tart shell and top them with fresh fruit, it’s a dreamy dessert combination.  

You can make and chill the White Chocolate Chunk Mousse hours before filling the tartlet shells to make prep less stressful.

You’ll garnish and then chill them for an hour before you want to serve them.

Don’t fill the White Chocolate Chunk Mousse tartlet shells too far in advance, as they can become soggy.  You want to keep your cookie shells nice and crisp for serving time.  

Click here for the recipe: White Chocolate Chunk Mousse Tartlets



If you don’t have time to make a homemade dessert, but still want some 4th of July recipe bling, just grab a pastry bag and start piping!

Lots of grocers carry Patriotic treats, but also have plain cookies and cupcakes for sale too.  Why not add your own touch of 4th of July recipe decorations to add some festiveness to your holiday table?

Use purchased or make some simple royal frosting and just let yourself get crazy with the pastry bag!

Or, buy some plain vanilla iced cupcakes and add some sprinkles and a sparkler!

It’s not really hard to turn a plain dessert into a 4th of July recipe!  Or, how about using several layers of cupcake liners with different patriotic motifs to add flair to your 4th of July recipes?

Can you believe something as simple as layering holiday cupcake liners can give so much decorative impact on a dessert tray?

Whether you make one of these 4th of July recipes, or serve prepared foods, it’s always great to celebrate our nation’s birthday with fab foods and great company!


Don’t forget to print out your 4th of July Holiday Decorations!

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