I always start the holiday season with a plan!  Why not use our 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner for a fun, festive and stress-free Christmas season?

2022 Christmas Planner

2022 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY PLANNER – Your Comprehensive Christmas Season Planning Tool

I’m so excited to release The Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner!

When it comes time to begin planning for the Christmas season, I know some women can start feeling tense.  Then there are those gals who glide through the holidays with hors d’oeuvres tucked in their freezers to serve at a moment’s notice.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be her this year?

That’s where our 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner comes to the rescue. 

So, what’s the actual difference between those two types of women?  Having a plan of action and the tools you need to get you to the finish line on Boxing Day morning! 

Today I’m sharing our latest version, the 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner.  You’ll have everything you need to start planning a fabulous holiday season this year. 



When you use a holiday planning tool correctly, it can make a huge difference in how your holiday season plays out.  Chaos or smooth sailing?  It’s all up to you!

christmas meal planner

When I hung up my apron and retired from professional catering a few years back, I finally got smart.   I decided to employ the same planning and organizational systems I used so successfully as an off-premise caterer, but at home.

Actually, it was a simple process to apply the same kinds of worksheets and planning pages to my personal Christmas season planning process.   And since I’ve always been known as a “lifestyle diva”, they’re always festive or beautiful, depending on what kind of organizational tool I’m creating.

It’s my standard practice when organizing a catered affair, to have a menu planner, prep schedule, prep list and grocery list.  So I knew they’d be a part of my 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner.


Christmas baking and dessert planner


If you want to take control of your holiday season and make it fabulous, this is the best Christmas Holiday Planner out there.  When it comes to keeping organized and having a complete plan for Christmas’ many tasks, this planner does it all. 

Dreaming of an incredible “Hallmark Movie Christmas” makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, but it does take some planning to accomplish.

Our 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner is chockfull of all the checklists, planning pages and worksheets that you’ll need to plan everything from your home decorations and holiday menus, to your gift giving and Christmas card checklist.

They’ll help you organize your holiday plans, shopping and scheduling tasks to ensure nothing important to your celebrations falls through the cracks! 

And if you’re planning on hosting your own Christmas party this season, we’ve created a Custom Christmas Party Invitation with the accompanying planning pages too. 


christmas decoration inventory sheet


Let’s see exactly what fabulous planners, worksheets and checklists are contained in the Lifestyle Diva Shoppe’s 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner:

  • Christmas Home Décor Item Inventory – Tree Supplies & Decorations
  • Christmas Home Décor Item Inventory – Interior / Exterior Decorations
  • Xmas Decorations Purchase Log
  • Christmas Entertaining Essentials Inventory Sheetchristmas party planner
  • Christmas Holiday Tablescape Planner
  • November Holiday Desserts Daily Prep Schedule
  • December Christmas Desserts Daily Prep Schedule
  • Christmas Desserts Grocery List
  • Christmas Desserts Worksheets (2)
  • Holiday Baking Planner (Holiday gift baking recordkeeping)
  • Christmas Eve Menu Planner
  • Christmas Breakfast Menu Planner
  • Christmas Dinner Menu Planner
  • Holiday Meals Grocery List
  • Pre-Christmas Menu Prep List
  • Christmas Eve Menu Prep List
  • Christmas Breakfast Menu Prep List
  • Christmas Dinner Menu Prep List
  • Holiday Specialty Item Prep List
  • Christmas Party Invitation
  • Christmas Invitation Checklist
  • Holiday Party Menu Planner
  • Christmas Party Grocery List
  • Christmas Party Menu Prep List
  • Holiday Gift Giving Planners (2)
  • Christmas Card Checklist
  • On-Line Shopping Tracker
  • Christmas Master To-Do List


So, now you can see just how valuable a holiday planning tool this really is!  I’m even making sure you don’t lose track of your online Christmas shopping!  It’s so easy to get confused when you’re buying lots of presents from online catalogs and stores. 

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christmas holiday planner sampler

I’ve put together a mini “Christmas Holiday Planner Sampler” as a holiday gift to my IFAFL subscribers. I wanted to give you a taste of how powerful a holiday planner can be when pulling together the entire Christmas season’s plans. 

With your 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner Sampler, you’ll be well on your way to deciding and planning all your baked goods and holiday desserts for your entire Christmas season. 

I hope you enjoy using your “freebie sampler pages” and will decide that you want TO DO IT ALL, using the LIFESTYLE DIVA SHOPPE AT ETSY’S 2022 Christmas Holiday Planner!

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